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I'll probably sound like an elitist asshole here, but please read it anyway ....

Lack of innovation and quality

In my view, anime just gets worse and worse over the years, a development that worries me.
In the 2008-2012 period in particular, anime fell sharply in terms of creativity and quality for me personally, at least in the genres that I pay attention to. What I now miss about anime is what is often described as "epic", although this word is probably used so much on the internet that the real meaning has long been lost. I'm about anime that manage to make me shiver and give me goose bumps, be it through their style, storytelling, setting or simply the execution.
But over the years the boom and moe, slice of life and harem has continued to grow and many anime seem to be just a bunch of cute girls with different personalities. And even if I can't stand this genre anyway, I couldn't help but notice that every damn animation studio tried to turn this concept into a constant rain of money, whereby innovation and quality unfortunately fall by the wayside, just so you can test it Methods a couple of viewers can guarantee.

This then results in characters with eyes that cover more than half of their face and an anime with no real storyline, instead all characters are only permanently put into typical life situations that many people seem to find hilariously funny. The other route is apparently only fan service, which for some reason is the seller par excellence.
I know we all like a bit of bosom and ass, but making it the only reason to buy seems to me excessive, unfortunately I just can't say that it's not true, otherwise we wouldn't have complete rubbish like Ikki Tousen with 5 seasons. Likewise, an outstanding studio like Madhouse wouldn't go from gold pieces like Death Note and Black Lagoon to Highschool of the Dead, an anime that consists entirely of tits and zombies and still became one of the most successful anime of 2010.

The other side is the Hollywood style ...
Here studios take popular, older series that either never finished or deviated from the manga and recycle them. What becomes of it is mostly just an update of the animations and maybe a slightly different story. Anything new remains by the wayside.

Now, of course, it's true that a lot of junk is produced within each medium and anime is no exception. Anime has also received good reviews over the past few years.
I just find that these newer anime are simply not as good as their previous competitors. For comparison, I have listed good shows before 2008 and popular and critically acclaimed shows after 2008, all with my personal description.

Before 2008 (Anime that I personally liked)
Death Note: One of the most outstanding anime ever with a brilliant story and good concept, together with first-class animations by Madhouse.
Code Geass: One of the last good robot shows with a wide audience, first-class storytelling and a good illustration of moral problems.
Gurren Lagann: Clever story with great characters and ingeniously over-the-top dimensions.
Eureka Seven: A mecha-anime with an interesting story and adult topics such as war and politics, integration of racial minorities, environmental problems, as well as the implications and effects of subcultures.
RahXephon: Originally an Evangelion Ripoff, this anime got it all right instead, with a good protagonist with a strong personality and eggs, clever romance and a story that didn't have its head up its own ass and therefore can't tell the difference between quality and art from shit .
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo: One interesting and an extremely witty interpretation of a classic, literary work with a beautiful art style, even if it may trigger epilepsy.
Black Lagoon: A show with good characters, witty and moody dialogues, references to pop culture, extraordinary animations from Madhouse and a good insight into a lawless territory in the modern world.
Baccano !: First-class, different storytelling, extraordinary and memorable characters, a good setting and great animations make this, in my opinion, the best anime I know.

2008 and after (generally popular anime or shows with good reviews)
Angel Beats: An extremely funny anime with a good concept that was eventually killed by its runtime and the extremely boring and boring protagonist. And it was half Slice of Life Comedy ...
Eden of the East: A good mystery series with a very elaborate and complex plot, which finally diverged due to the far too theatrical explanations and conclusions. Ultimately, Death Note was superior in every way.
Bakemonogatari: An anime about vampires and paranormal activities with some of the best-written dialogues ever. Unfortunately, there are too many places where you could just fall asleep because it's bland or just boring.
Durarara !!: From the same maker as Baccano! It had the potential to get that good with its characters and stories, but failed because it ended up focusing on the wrong characters (high school kids) rather than those who were really cool or interesting.
K-On !: An anime with first-class animations that claims to be about music, but instead it's all about tea and cake, as well as problems that are actually none and stupid ideas.
Fairy Tail: An anime about fanservice that occasionally also involves magic and fighting, as well as plotholes and unbelievable arc endings.
Stein's Gate: A gripping thriller about time travel, which unfortunately was only half a slice of life comedy with time travel entangled.
Sword Art Online: A highly hyped anime with an innovative concept and good staging, which was finally rammed into the ground spectacularly by stupid story, wasted scenes, childish and simply stupid romance, a bunch of weak or annoying characters and women who half feminism Reset century.
Fate / Zero: An anime with an extraordinary staging, gripping, well-told story, an ensemble of different, strong characters and almost completely free of fan service. Unfortunately, the anime has strong setbacks from the first and last episode, as the first is like a documentary due to the character introduction and the last one had to lead the story to the stupid scrap heap called Fate / stay night, since Fate / Zero is a prequel.
Shingeki no Kyojin: A show accompanied by a hypetrain with rocket propulsion, which catapulted it into orbit, which shines with a different concept and lives from the first-class production. Admittedly, I haven't seen too much of it yet, as I generally hate season shows, but the anime has the potential to be a big hit or end like Sword Art Online. Personally, I still have extreme problems with some characters, including the protagonist.

Now, of course, I'm not saying that my past examples were perfect, they also had their flaws, but for me personally they just had more behind them and could really draw you into the world they created. Also, it was really hard to find extraordinary anime that weren't just Slice of Life or Moe.
So I forgot something, an "epic" and gripping anime that wasn't either a sequel or a remake?

Fan service

But enough about the content, let's get to the other point that really gives me problems. We all know and love (?) Fanservice, but in the last few years it has gotten a bit extreme in my opinion and gets in the way of the story instead of showing it off.
Just to be clear, I am only concerned with what is nowadays traditionally shown as fan service, the sexualization of women, unnecessary presentation of female body parts through questionable camera positions or simply very revealing clothing.
Now, of course, the purpose of the fan service is clear to me. The ultimate answer is arguably just "sex sells," especially if the target audience is male, and we can't stop it because of our hormones.

What is the problem? Well for me personally, the whole point of anime is that it's a medium of storytelling and that's why I like being so absorbed in the show that I can enjoy the story and staging without being distracted and there is something distracting when the show wants to make me horny at the same time. I don't think it's just possible to stick with a serious and grown-up story when blood is running out of your brain at the same time.
And the more obvious the fan service is, the more it breaks the immersion in the anime, which brings us to my entire problem with fan service, which is distracting as long as it's not the real point of the show, which is therefore in the ecchi genre. I have no problems whatsoever with ecchi, as the whole point of this is sex, but with the fact that we are not only seeing it more and more in mainstream anime, but that the fan service is also becoming more and more extreme and setting the tone for hardcore fans sometimes hardly noticeable or simply accepted as the state of affairs.
A decade ago, even in harem shows, fan service was very tame or toned down, and breasts weren't the size of melons. Today we have glorified shots of the female crotch, tentacle rapes, breasts dodging bullets in the air, and cup sizes that in reality would cause permanent back problems. Along with spit catching, toothbrush sex, sexualized zombies and other weird stuff we just overlook.
In One Piece, you can easily see how the characters' chest girth has grown over the years.

Looking back, I can say that it wasn't always like this and I wonder when that actually happened. I remember realizing it around 2009, but I can't tell if that was when this development started.
The release of the perverted fighting anime Ikki Tousen, the oversexualization of Yoko from Gurren Lagann and the dramatic shift in camera activity from Code Geass R1 to R2 were some examples that really caught my eye.
I mean, in Lupine III we have proof with Fujiko that fan service already existed in the 80s, but back then it just wasn't as obvious, dominant and exaggerated as it is today.

So I'm wondering whether companies only rely on fan service and everything else falls by the wayside and, above all, whether we as fans have allowed and accepted it. For me it looks like a competition between the studios to shock the viewer with downright perverse scenes and the community just saw it as the state of affairs and didn't bother about it.
So: Will there ever be an end to this or will fan service just become more extreme and the few shows without fan service even rarer? I like anime as a medium of storytelling, but how can I defend its dignity against public accusations of pornography and underdevelopment when the medium itself no longer seems dignified?
There are very good shows with fan service, so I would be lying if I said I want fan service to go away, but it shouldn't be too much to ask that the studios take a step back because the current trend doesn't seem to be stopping and doing it seems more and more that he is already beyond salvation.

Now the question for you ...
Do you also think that anime has left a lot to be desired lately and that quality and innovation have given way to greed, so that only proven ideas are recycled? And is there too much fan service in anime these days and is it getting too extreme and even perverse?