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The principle of percolation

The name of this functional principle is derived from the Latin word for “percolare”, which means to seep through. This means that water flows through a solid substrate during what is known as percolation. This process can result in Minerals or flavorings extracted from the substrate become. The particles that are washed out of the substrate are again referred to as percolates. The term "Leaching" is also used for percolation.

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Incidentally, the functional principle of percolation does not only apply to the preparation of coffee, but also to the pharmaceutical technology for use. Coffee that is prepared on the basis of percolation is also called filter coffee. A coffee percolator is used to prepare this coffee accordingly. Incidentally, the Petromax percolator is such a coffee percolator that, according to our Test reports as the test winner in the field of coffee preparation.

History of the coffee percolator

This type of coffee preparation can look back on a long history. Benjamin Thompson was already busy with the invention of the first percolator from 1810 to 1814. However, it would be a few years before a Parisian tinsmith named Laurens found one wholesome coffee percolator could imagine. The first filter coffee pot, which is still operated according to the same functional principle, saw the light of day in 1819. Incidentally, the term “percolator” is also common for such jugs. Percolators do not enjoy a particularly high priority in Germany and are only known to very few people in this country. In the following countries, however, there are very many consumers who, for example, rely on one Petromax percolator and swear by the associated coffee culture:

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How a percolator works

Before you buy a percolator, you might want to know more about how this type of coffee preparation actually works. A simple model of these jugs consists of the following Components:

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  • a metal tube inside
  • a metal filter (round) for the coffee in the lower third
  • the jug itself
Heat waterFirst of all, you now heat the water in the jug. Most percolators do this on a stove top. As you heat the water, the pressure in the jug increases accordingly. This ensures that the water slowly rises in the metal tubes, which are also known as risers. The water can now exit at the upper end. It then drips onto the coffee powder, whereby it is first passed through a distributor. The coffee water then runs into the lower area of ​​the pot, where the water and the coffee mix. This process can be repeated several times, whereby the taste of the coffee is correspondingly more intense with each cycle.
DurationTherefore, the preparation of coffee with a percolator is not that easy, especially for beginners. Because you will first have to experiment a little with how long you have to cook your coffee in your percolator until it has reached the desired strength. If you take the jug to the stove too early, however, not enough pressure can be built up so that the water does not rise and you cannot brew coffee. However, if the percolator remains on your stove for too long at too high a heat, this can mean that the coffee will end up boiling over.

Tip! In addition to the percolators already described, you can also opt for a pump percolator, which does not suffer from this problem.

Flavors of percolator coffee

Since many people, at least in Germany, have probably not yet had a percolator coffee, you may be wondering how this coffee tastes. In this case, as already mentioned, the principle of preparation can be compared with the principle of espresso preparation in an espresso maker. You can therefore assume that this type of filter coffee has a very intense aroma. The coffee is very strong, but does not require any cream. Compared to conventional filter coffee, you can assume that your percolator coffee will contain correspondingly more caffeine. In any case, you must not boil your coffee for too long in a percolator, otherwise it will unfortunately get bitter quickly can.

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Tip: Due to the special method of preparation that is used with a coffee percolator, espresso roasts are particularly suitable for this coffee. Make sure that the consistency of the coffee powder is as homogeneous as possible so that your percolator coffee can develop its full aroma in the best possible way.

Advantages and disadvantages of a percolator

  • little need for space
  • can also be used on the go
  • normally has a capacity of 2 to 4 cups
  • if used incorrectly, the coffee of a percolator tastes bitter

Recommendation for the purchase of a percolator

If you want to enjoy a really good cup of coffee, a percolator can be used with a little practice. The best part is that any jug that is fireproof and can be used on your stove without any problems can be converted into a percolator in just a few simple steps. So you don't necessarily have to buy a full-fledged percolator, you can also get one in the shop Cheap Opt for an appropriate use to turn your existing jug into a percolator. The offer is definitely huge, which is why we would like to recommend a price comparison to you. Take a look, for example, at the percolators of the following brands:

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  • Melissa
  • GSI
  • Coghlans
  • Mil-Tec

In order to find the right percolator with which you can easily brew hot and extremely aromatic coffee, you should not only pay attention to the design and price, but also to the processing and material quality in the price comparison. The amount of filling in cups should also play a role. Percolators with an integrated heating element are also optionally available. Some of these jugs often have a heat-resistant silicone or plastic handle have, even indestructible. In comparison, pay close attention to the properties of the different percolator models before making a final decision.

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