What percentage of smartphone owners play tennis?

Smartphone usageGuess how many meters we scroll per day!

Many German smartphone users spend more than four hours a day scrolling through the Internet or Messenger on their mobile phones. According to the study, the average scrolling time in Germany is 59 minutes per day.

This is the result of a Europe-wide survey by the smartphone manufacturer OnePlus.

Scroll higher than Cologne Cathedral

That is an average of 173 meters. For comparison: Cologne Cathedral is 157 meters high. According to OnePlus, the scrolled meters are calculated from the number of individual social media posts that can be read during the period and their physical size on a smartphone display.

Italians scroll record breaking

Sounds like a lot, but it's just average. The Germans are actually just below the European average of 183 meters. At the bottom of the list are the Danes, who only cover 133 meters per day on their mobile phone screens.

► The survey table is headed by the Italians: an impressive 263 meters are scrolled there every day.

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The boys are front runners

And which age group fingering the cell phone the most every day? The answer is hardly surprising: 18 to 44 year olds “wipe” between 31 and 60 minutes a day. Those over 55 spend only ten minutes or less scrolling.

According to the survey, the German users surveyed spend most of their time on Facebook (38.7 percent), YouTube (30 percent) and on news sites (24.2 percent). 60.7 percent of those surveyed said they were not looking for specific information.

In front of the TV, on the toilet

Germans seem to like to fumble around on their cell phones, especially when watching television: 50.4 percent keep using their cell phones at home in front of the television. In bed (30.7 percent), 30.7 percent pick up the phone and 21.4 percent cannot disconnect from their smartphone even in the toilet.

According to the survey, 18.1 percent scroll while they should actually be careful at school or at work.This is how much Europe scrolls per day (in meters): Italy: 263, Finland: 227, Sweden: 205, Germany: 173, Great Britain: 165, Netherlands: 160, France: 141, Denmark: 133