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WhatsApp introduces "read only" groups

Panagiotis Kolokythas

WhatsApp introduces a new rule for group chats: "Read only" groups will also be possible in the future.

EnlargeWhatsApp introduces "read only" functionality in group chats

WhatsApp announces the introduction of a new function for group chats in a blog entry. Admins can specify that members of a group can only read messages, but not write messages in a group themselves. If the function is activated, only the admins of the group are allowed to post new posts in the group chat.

This new function is useful, for example, for groups in which teachers inform parents about important news that affect the students. Or when organizations want to spread important news among their members. Annoying contributions from other users are a thing of the past. The group participants see all the important contributions of the admins at a glance.

The corresponding function can be activated via the group settings. Open the group in WhatsApp and then select the entry "Group info" in the menu at the top right. You can then choose between "All participants" and "Admins only" under "Group settings" and "Send messages". Finally, you can use "Edit group admins" to specify which WhatsApp users are allowed to act as group admins.

The new function will gradually be rolled out to all WhatsApp users worldwide. The function is already activated in the Android version of WhatsApp we use.

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