You have to peel sweet potatoes

Correct preparation | Is it better to peel sweet potatoes?

As puree, baked in the oven, mashed or deep-fried - sweet potatoes are always a great side dish and enrichment of dishes. Especially now - during the cold season.

But how should you process sweet potatoes in the kitchen? Should you peel the tubers or eat the peels?

The trend vegetables don't necessarily have to be peeled. Toxic substances (solanine) can form in the skin of conventional potatoes. This is not the case with the sweet potato. Therefore, the bowl can confidently be processed or eaten along with it. However, in this case you should use organic products and clean the pods with a vegetable brush before processing.

By the way, sweet potatoes are very healthy. They contain antioxidants: lots of beta-carotene, vitamins A, E and C, which scavenge free radicals.

By the way, the sweet potato can also be eaten raw - this is how you get all the nutrients. For example, grate in a green salad or dip wedges in quark.

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