How can I fix old oily walnuts

Repairing Oily Dukkah

I have no ideas how to really fix this stack, but I think I know what the problem is.

I think you reworked it and made it a paste. It should be ground a little more coarsely, probably only about 30 seconds in the mixer or in the food processor, otherwise everything will release too much oil.

To get that consistency quickly, mash or grind any herbs and spices you use and coarsely chop the seeds and nuts (and probably coarsely roast them). Pulse it short in your grinder of choice, carefully watching the texture and stopping as soon as something gets too fine.

For your current batch, you can either just use it as it is or turn it into something else. I'm assuming this could be a good base for a new twist on mouhoumara or even pesto, or that you could possibly add finely ground breadcrumbs to soak up some oil or ground olives to make a tapenade. I imagine it goes well with a filling mix for tomatoes or peppers, or mixed with olive oil and lemon to make a topping for a salad. :-)


Thank you for this very helpful and comprehensive answer! I love your suggestions on how to use it. We ended up adding a bit of olive oil and spreading it on crackers which was great.