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Break-up hairstyles: can a new hairstyle help overcome a breakup?

Coco Chanel once said: “A woman who gets her hair cut wants to change her life.” Admittedly, that sounds like a cheesy Carpe Diem quote, but somehow she's right. And especially after the end of a relationship, many of us want such a change. And this is where the "separation cut" comes into play.
The concept itself is not new (and is now considered a cliché), but in fact there is a scientific justification for it. "Your hair not only expresses part of your identity, it is also one of the few things that is really easy to control," says Dr. Sanam Hafeez, neuropsychologist and professor at Columbia University. “A new hairstyle can be a clear statement: Maybe you want to announce something without actually saying it, or show your inner transformation to the outside world. With a new hairstyle you can feel like a new person. "

Break-up hairstyles: a haircut after a breakup can go a long way

Almost everyr The hairdresser has probably already cut a “break-up cut”, so often is the desire for this visual change. "A haircut after a breakup can go a long way," says Chase Kusero, hair stylist and co-founder of IGK. “People often keep their hairstyle because their partner likes it, or out of habit. Having your hair cut the way you like it can be empowering. ”That said, it's also important to do it for the right reasons:“ You should never get your hair cut out of anger or revenge. After all, you should like your hairstyle even after these feelings have ebbed, ”adds Franck, hair stylist and also co-founder of the hair care brand IGK.
But is it a healthy idea to have your hair cut after the breakup or just a quick band-aid for your broken heart? “You don't leave your problems with your hair on the salon floor,” says Hafeez. “Process your feelings. Face the pain, cry yourself out, get the tips cut - but wait until you get through the worst with the dramatic cut. And you will, I promise. "
Other hair professionals also agree: "Take the time to digest everything before you run to the hair salon," says Jen Atkin, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Ouai Haircare. “Sure, it's exciting to have your hair cut. So I'm not surprised that so many people want that after a breakup. But please don't act too hastily! ”Atkin has its own rule: Do you want the new hairstyle even after a week of thinking? Then let them do you. “Now is the opportunity to reinvent yourself. But who do you want to be anyway? Take your time with the answer, ”she says. "Throw away everything negative and go on!"
In the following, six women tell why they decided to do the “separation cut” and why it was ultimately the best decision.