Can Amazon be successful in Turkey?

Amazon starts in Turkey

Amazon starts its business in the Turkish market. For a long time, speculations have been made as to when the online giant will also start operations in Turkey.

As reported by Reuters, Inc announced today that its Turkish subsidiary,, has been launched. Products from 15 different product categories are now available to consumers in Turkey. This includes, among other things, articles from the field of electronics, sports and outdoor, cosmetics and literature. When interested parties now visit, they are greeted with a message from the Turkish Amazon team, which solemnly announces the launch of the platform. Clicking on the post takes the visitor to a page on which the Turkish Amazon team has published a video on the occasion of the page launch. Furthermore, the potential customers are informed about services, such as the option of payment in installments. But that is only the beginning. The shop is to be expanded even further in the coming weeks. Sam Nicols, Country Manager for, said in a written statement: “We are determined to build our business in Turkey. In the coming months we will expand our selection and delivery options ”.

As early as 2017 it became known that Amazon had opened an office in Istanbul. It was stated that the Turkish branch is primarily engaged in acquisitions and intends to put together a Turkish team. At the time, however, there was no more detailed information as to whether and when a platform for Turkey would be launched.

Turkish customers previously supplied by

Since Turkey did not previously have its own Amazon branch, Turkish customers have since made purchases via the German platform. Due to the great demand, but also because the Turkish community is well represented in Germany, finally offered a Turkish-language version of the online shop in 2016. Furthermore, buyers were given the opportunity to receive free shipping of the items to Turkey from an order value of 49 euros.
After English, Dutch and Polish, Turkish was the fourth foreign language was available in.

/ Written by Theresa Strohbach