Is made GTA 6

The rumors are wrong: "GTA 6" will not come before 2020

Rockstar Games has involuntarily confirmed that the next part of the Grand Theft Auto-Series will not appear in 2019 contrary to current rumors. Modders had news in that GTA 5- Versions for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 built in, giving fans hope that the sequel will be released soon.

"This is a hoax that was created with mods, and not an official statement from Rockstar Games," said a tweet from the company.

Be patient

So many players get excited GTA 6 should be happy (at least came GTA 5 already on the market in 2013): Rockstar can probably take quite a while with the publication of the gangster epic. Because for the time being the start of R will be in autumned Dead Redemption 2 a. And if you go by the quality of the first part and after rock stars' expensive attention to detail, you will do everything to deliver another multi-million seller. Thanks to the constant expansion of the online mode, it is also selling GTA 5 continues to be excellent and is already scratching the 100 million mark. In this respect, probably too GTA 6 become a cross-generation title.

Welcome to Miami

If the previous rumors are true, GTA 6 will, by the way, lead Vice City to Miami like it once did. This time, however, you should also be able to explore the surrounding area and even a few locations in South America. And the main character should become a woman for the first time. (between July 3, 2018)