What is the function of protein muscles

In order to achieve rapid weight loss, food intake is significantly reduced, which leads to a lack of nutrient and vital substance absorption (macro and micronutrients). With the drastic reduction of the energy supply and with the exclusive consumption of industrially manufactured diet products, as a rule too little or biologically inferior protein - Lack of one or more amino acids - supplied, thereby making the body's own protein (Muscle and organ mass; protein) is degraded and a life-threatening oneProtein deficiency the consequence can be [1].

Especially during the pregnancy and Breastfeedingjust like Infants, children and adolescents in growing periods have an increased need for biologically high-quality proteins. If reduction diets are carried out under these circumstances, it is due to the one-sided food intake As a rule, a deficiency in nutrients and vital substances (macro and micronutrients) and the resulting severe damage to health - such as growth disorders - are to be expected [1].

Avoid fatty foods because of their higher calorie content than carbohydrates or proteins Intake of essential fatty acids - unsaturated fatty acids, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in some types of meat, fish, nuts and vegetable oils - no moreensured. The consequences of a lack of essential fatty acids are serious, as it can lead to kidney disease, reduced functionality of the erythrocytes (red blood cells) and decreased liver function. In children there is a risk that whole body growth and the ability to learn are disturbed and the brain can only develop insufficiently [1].

Most of the time, reduction diets only work for a short time
, because the metabolism slows down when there is a lack of energy and therefore hardly uses any energy and rather the weight is maintained. The first pounds that are lost result from water excretion. If you eat as usual after the diet, the body fluid is replenished. Due to the changed metabolic situation, the body quickly consumes the food supplied and stores it in the fat deposits in order to be prepared for a further lack of energy. The Jojo effect one and a rapid weight gain is foreseeable, whereby the scales usually show even more weight than before the start of the diet. In order to lose weight and maintain the weight in the long term, a complete change in diet with a varied diet is always necessary [3].

Reduction diet - lack of vital substances (Macro and micronutrients)

Vital substances
(Macro and micronutrients)
Deficiency symptoms
Biologically high quality protein [1]
  • Disorders in digestion and absorption of vital substances and the resulting water and electrolyte losses
  • muscular dystrophy
  • Growth disorders in children [2]
Unsaturated fatty acids - Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids [1]
  • Kidney disease
  • Reduced functionality of the red blood cells
  • Decreased liver function
Increased risk in children for
  • Disturbances in whole body growth as well as in the ability to learn
  • Insufficient development of the brain [1]



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