Changes makeup to a girl's natural look

Anti-aging tricks: these makeup tips will help you look younger

Primers are one of the real miracle products among rejuvenating make-up articles. This is actually a type of primer that was originally introduced as a smoothing product. The almost colorless, light primers fill wrinkles, fine lines, enlarged pores and form a smooth film on the skin. They also hide redness, age spots and other pigment disorders. In this way you ensure a natural, even complexion and lay the perfect basis for other make-up products.

Eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids: problem areas in the eyes

For a more youthful look, shape your eyebrows first - especially with age, the hairs can thin out, grow too bushy or turn gray. An eyebrow pencil can help with light areas, which is applied with small strokes in the direction of growth. Make sure that the color is a shade lighter than the natural hair and that the shape of the brow is not “painted in” - dark bars over the eyes are unflattering.

Those who want to tame bushy brows should approach the matter with caution: Arches that are too thin or undefined make eyes and lids appear slacker. It is best to consult a beauty professional. If you want to use tweezers and scissors yourself, you should only pluck the hair outside the arch and carefully trim only protruding brows. To get rid of gray hairs, simply use a liquid eyebrow pencil or have them colored by a professional. (Maybe also interesting: stimulate eyebrow growth)

The eyelid, which also loses shape and contour with age, also wants to be staged - maybe just not quite as dramatically as it used to be. Therefore, instead of black kohl, use a more natural brown tone and make sure that the eyelid lines (preferably with gel eyeliner) are applied finely and regularly to the lash line. For a fresher look, accentuate the lower inner lid, the so-called waterline, with cream-colored kohl. With eye shadow, special eye primers and subtle colors such as earth tones ensure that the wrinkles in the eye area that increase with age are not emphasized even more. A slight shimmer as a highlight on the inner lid - for example in champagne, copper or rose gold - ensures a fresh, radiant look.

The more open and larger the eyes appear, the younger the whole face appears. But even the eyelashes seem to fall victim to gravity as they age and to hang more and more. Use eyebrow pliers to really get your eyelashes going again. When it comes to mascara, it is better to use a lengthening instead of a thickening mascara, which, due to its weight, smooths the increasingly thinner hairs even more.

Simple beauty routine: the 7-minute make-up

Blush, but right

In order to define the contour of the face and to increase the rejuvenating effect, a bit of color is allowed on the cheeks. To do this, apply a cream rouge, for example in warm rose tones, to the highest point of the cheekbones and blend it towards the hairline.

Lips to fall in love with

Full lips are a sign of youthfulness and freshness, but unfortunately you have to make compromises here with age: The lips, especially the upper ones, become thinner. Dark, strong colors accentuate narrow lips and also emphasize the wrinkles around the mouth. When it comes to lipstick, it is better to use softer tones such as mauve, rosé or warm pink. With a lip liner, the contours look even more defined and the lips appear fuller. As a finishing touch, use some lip balm or a colorless lip gloss to make the mouth appear more youthful.

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