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Cold storage at Chemnitz Clinic

A new cooling supply system, coupled with an innovative one

Cold storage went according to plan at the Flemmingstrasse location this July

of the Chemnitz Clinic in operation.



The complete system was built and put into operation by RAC-Rohrleitungsbau Altchemnitz GmbH as general contractor. The steel construction and plant engineering services were significantly supported by our subsidiary RAC Service. With the new refrigeration system at the Flemmingstrasse location, the available capacities were expanded on the one hand, and the system was optimized in terms of energy efficiency via the large storage tank on the other. The heart of the system are the absorption chillers and the cold storage. The new technology increases the output of the refrigeration systems from 1,200 to 2,000 kilowatts. The investor and operator of the system is the energy supplier eins energie in sachsen GmbH und Co KG.


Production of the loading system for cold storage in the workshop


Completion of the components of the loading system prefabricated in the workshop in the cold storage in preparation for the final assembly.


Final assembly and completion of the loading system in the cold storage




Reduction of storage tanks at Leipziger Strasse

After completion of the reinforced concrete work by our ARGE partner

Gunter Hüttner + Co.GmbH, we equip the machine and pipeline technology.




Pipelines of dimensions DN 300 to DN 400 and a technically sophisticated pump system ensure that 1.3 million liters of drinking water are supplied

the city of Chemnitz are available.

The neighboring underground elevated tank with a capacity of approx. 3 million liters of drinking water will be replaced due to the reduced need for drinking water in the city of Chemnitz.

It is also worth mentioning that the electrical and control systems are also implemented in-house by RAC Service.



On May 15th, 2018 there was a pipe damage to a drinking water main supply line DN 500 in Chemnitz-Altendorf. RAC-Rohrleitungsbau Altchemnitz GmbH was commissioned by the supply company Eins Englerie in Sachsen to remedy the fault.

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