Should my first home be a maisonette

Ashes on my head! This post has been a long time coming. Too many trips, too many pictures and my perfectionism got in the way a little. There have been over 60 pictures, from which you can now get an impression of my four walls and then you will surely be familiar with the smallest corner;)

Because I didn't want to show you the apartment before it was 'finished' in my eyes. This process usually takes longer than expected, but finally I can say: I'm happy, very happy, how everything has been put together piece by piece and now, in my eyes, results in a coherent picture. But briefly from the beginning. When we got out of our beloved apartment from Hafencity (yes, I'm still a fan of my old hood) have been scared away (really bad construction site right in front of the nose and home office just don't get along well), we actively looked for a new apartment for at least 1 year. In Hamburg, however, easier said than done. We looked at dozens of apartments, sometimes there were also many beautiful ones, but none of them really had it click made.

I think you have to walk into an empty apartment and set yourself up mentally, then it's the right one! That might sound pathetic, but I've been waiting for this feeling for a long time. In our current apartment, after just 10 minutes, my mother and I were thinking about how and where the sofa could be. The only headache I got when I saw the sloping ceilings on the upper floor and the thought of my dressing room at home. Two rooms now had to become one big. That was tricky, but there were great solutions here too, which I'll cover in the course of the post. I've been in love with our sloping ceilings since we've lived here. We discreetly ignore the Feng Shui law that beds should not be placed directly under windows and instead look directly at the stars before falling asleep and are woken up by the sun. The Image by Sanna with the heading 'Above us only sky' is one of my most popular pictures on Instagram.

The brightness of the entire apartment is another plus point. No matter what kind of bad weather in Hamburg there is outside, the apartment is always flooded with light. Ahh you are definitely curious, aren't you? I love apartment mail myself so much (we are all a little voyeuristic) that I no longer want to keep you tortured. I will write a little more about the individual rooms in the captions and post a few manufacturer references. So and now: have fun browsing!

The living room: Here are the only slight slopes that our beloved BoConcept sofa however, frame it nicely and make the area incredibly cozy. A Instagram picture caused confusion at first, as originally the slopes were not recognized as such. The walls are held in a 'greige' that matches the sofa. However, my favorite is the dark charcoal gray wall. For me, dark colors always exude something elegant.

Rug: Mini market.

One of my many favorite places.

Sanna happy in her beautiful and incredibly comfortable bed (yes, I've been in it several times and was subtly jealous) from Cloud 7.

Golden vase: Georg Jensen.

The kitchen: We were lucky that this timeless and modern kitchen was already built into the apartment. It offers so much more space and storage space than the old one. The carpet is from Hay and the ceiling lamp from Westwing Now.

And love at first sight was also the case with the picture of Bernhard Langwhich I am at Lumas discovered. Adria V it says and shows what is happening on the beach from a new perspective. The photograph shows an almost perfect structure of the geometric pattern of the parasols and, antagonistic to this, the unsymmetrical crowd. The longer you look at the picture, the more it seems to open up to you. I just love it and I would like to add another complement to the Adria series. I like all of his photographs, you will find more here.

Golden candle holder: Georg Jensen.

The balcony is small but nice. I like it precisely because it is so incredibly cozy and you have sun all day until sunset. Our Viva Mexico Chair has now found a place here.

Beautiful and affordable mirrors are not easy to find. Ours in the hall with the affectionate name 'Schneider' was a lucky find Objects of our day. Design and production is 'Made in Germany', without a lot of frills and with a lot of sophistication. I am really convinced of the guys and I can do it for you online shop just recommend it.

The guest bathroom. Also small, but nice.

The bathroom: Is kept very simple and modern in gray. The old Buddha is also back with the party and many color accents in copper.

The next mirror that deserves a mention is the magnifying mirror from simplehuman. When you approach, the light goes on and off automatically. In addition, the ambient light can be recorded using the app and displayed on the mirror. Hello Future!

Old meets new. Old ladies' secretary meets modern Scandinavian design by BoConcept.

And then I was allowed to get a little creative myself. For mycs I have as Guest designer put together my own sideboard. It now fits perfectly with our parquet and the serving trolley from Habitat. When looking at it for the first time, many even ask whether the two pieces belong together. If you feel like it, you can let off steam yourself and design your own piece of furniture - it's really really easy and a lot of fun.

Memories not only on the hard drive, but also to touch in the hdbook powered by Canon.

Old steamer trunk from my grandfather.

Because so many of you have already asked, the lamps in the gallery are from Norman Copenhagen.

My home office area on the upper floor with a view of the gallery. The is super comfortable and timelessly beautiful About a chair of Hay. It is ideal as a desk chair and looks a lot more than the classic swivel desk chairs. Via

My absolute favorite writing instrument fromMontblanc comes from the Montblanc M. Collection and is always at hand.

My dressing table is actually a desk from BoConceptwhich was repurposed by me. With its hinged compartments, it is just as perfect for hairdressing as it is for working. The simple and timeless design also fits perfectly in the bright upper floor and in every other apartment. Cupertino by BoConcept.

The bedroom / dressing room: As already mentioned, this room gave me the most headaches for the time being. Even if the room is actually a nice size, questions went through my head like: Can I get all my clothes in here? Do I have to have everything made to measure because of the inclines? Doesn't it look too 'messy' with an open wardrobe system? After all, the bedroom and dressing area are no longer separate. Sometimes you shouldn't worry too much in advance and just trust that there will always be a solution somehow. And there was that here too. The two chests of drawers on the left and right were already in the room and were replaced by an open PAX cupboard Ikea complemented. There are also additional loop clothes rails on the sides Hay and on the right a shoe cabinet from Ikea. Improvisation par excellence, but I like it a lot.

I hope I was able to inspire you a little with this apartment post, especially if you might want to set up an apartment with sloping ceilings yourself. I tried to name many manufacturers and brands alike. But if there is anything else you would like to know what it is about, then just write your question to me in the comments.

Most of the pictures come from us, but there are also a few from the super photographer Maischa Souaga in the run-up to our apartment for 'Houzz'Had photographed. Take a look here as well, it's always exciting to see another perspective.

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