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If space is limited or you don't want a large work desk, a bureau is the right choice. It can be integrated into the existing living environment as desired and, depending on the version, can hardly be distinguished from a chest of drawers. By opening the flap, which can be locked on some models, you have enough work space for editing documents or for a laptop. Discover at ROLLER bureaus in different designs.

Height-adjustable desks for a healthy workplace

Sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy as it puts a strain on the cardiovascular system and the back. To prevent the negative effects on your health, a desk that is height-adjustable is the best choice. Even if you already suffer from problems in your back or legs. With the smart furniture from ROLLER you can selectively interrupt your sitting time and again and continue to work while standing for some time. You will feel the positive effects quickly

Experts recommend the following distribution over the working day: 60% sitting, 30% standing and 10% walking. Working with an office desk that can be electrically adjusted in height is particularly easy. You can select the desired height using a display attached to the table top. Sitting and standing desks with a memory function are particularly clever. They make it possible to save individual heights for different people. When changing, all you need to do is press a button so that the work table moves into the individually optimal position.

For healthy work while standing, you should make sure that

  • You stand up straight
  • Your shoulders are relaxed
  • both feet are weighted equally
  • the stomach does not bump against the desk
  • Upper arm and forearm make a 90 ° angle

In the ROLLER online shop you will find a selection of electrically adjustable sitting and standing desks in different colors and with robust work surfaces that fit seamlessly into any environment.

By the way: desks that can be individually adjusted in height are not only recommended for adults. A desk that is height-adjustable is also recommended for children. You should sit at a table that adapts to your individual needs and grows with you

Material & design of the desk

Desks are functional furniture, which does not mean that their appearance is unimportant. This is determined on the one hand by the material used for the worktop and frame and on the other hand by the design. Typical materials for desks are wood, glass, metal and plastic, whereby glass (or frosted glass) and metal are often combined with one another and desks made of resistant plastic are mainly found in the commercial sector. All of these materials have their individual advantages and disadvantages and of course an influence on the visual appearance.

materialadvantagesdisadvantageLook / effect
Woodeasy to work with, robust, natural grainreacts to moisture, can deform over timeof course, noble
Glass / frosted glassrobust, durable, easy to cleanoften feel cold, can cause annoying reflectionsmodern, high quality, noble
metalvery easy to care forlight metal (such as aluminum) could bendsimple, clear, noble
plasticlight weight, robust, durable, easy to clean, inexpensiveunappealing opticsinexpensive, not very high quality

As always, the design of the desk is a matter of taste. But in view of the large selection at ROLLER, this is not an easy question. Should the table integrate inconspicuously into its surroundings? Or should it stand out from the other pieces of furniture as an eye-catcher? Your personal taste and style are required here. In addition to the timeless desk in white, many other variants await you.

Clean chic: cool and elegant

If you want to design your work environment in a clean chic way, choose clean lines and a minimalist design. Limit your color scheme to white, gray or black for your desk and combine your new work furniture with other objects in these colors - also with a lacquer look. A work table with a glass top, which gives the whole room a high-quality note, is also wonderfully suitable.

Good to know: With desks with a glass top from ROLLER you don't have to worry about scratches. Most models are covered with a transparent melamine resin coating and protected against damage from everyday use
Vintage look: Retro for Today

The 1950s to 1970s are back in fashion today and you can also express your trend awareness in the office. Desks with a vintage look are mostly made of light or dark solid wood and are a real eye-catcher due to their imposing size. It unfolds its effect best when it is surrounded by other furniture in the same style or when it stands separately in the room. Of course, the vintage-style desk lamp should not be missing here either.

Combine vintage-look desks with similar-style office chairs. You can find corresponding models at attractive prices in the ROLLER shop.

Individual mix of styles: personalize your workplace

Are you an individualist, do not want to commit to a certain style, but simply surround yourself with unusual designer pieces? Then office desks with an individual look are just right for you. Whether made of solid wood, metal or glass - with every piece of furniture you express your good taste and your employees, colleagues, customers and business partners can see it. Combine different styles, but stay true to your requirements! At ROLLER you will find unusual pieces that leave nothing to be desired in terms of functionality and design.

Desks for children - for a healthy back right from the start

With school enrollment, a new phase of life begins for children, which also places new demands on the furniture. Your own workplace in nursery is now indispensable at the latest. It offers children the ideal environment to do their homework, learn and be creative outside of school. A child-friendly design of the workplace is of great importance in order to promote a healthy sitting position from the beginning and to prevent postural damage.

A desk that is height-adjustable is recommended for small children. It grows with you by being adjustable in height if necessary. This ensures that there is always enough space for the child's legs and a healthy sitting posture.

What dimensions should a children's desk have?

The height of desks that grow with the child can be adjusted from about 51 to 93 cm, depending on the model. This is ideal for small and large children. The width of a child-friendly desk should be between 70 and 120 cm, depending on the body size. The child should be able to put both arms on the work surface without touching the edges. The depth should be between 60 and 80 cm so that the child can comfortably reach everything.

Tip: To check whether the height of the table is optimal, the child should place their arms in front of them on the work surface. Ideally, the upper arm and forearm create a 90 ° angle in this position. The same applies to the position of the legs: thighs and lower legs should be comfortably at right angles under the table.

What are the advantages of a children's desk with a tiltable work surface?

Children tend to lie down on the work surface with their upper body when working. In the long term, this leads to poor posture and back pain. That is why the optimally designed children's desk suits the child. Depending on the model, the work surface of the ROLLER models can be inclined from 0 ° to 70 °. This is great for doing homework, reading, or getting creative.

What else should a child-friendly work table be able to do?

Order plays an important role in children. Therefore, the children's desk should offer storage space for the most important work materials. In our shop you will find child-friendly models that have clever shelves for pens and other utensils. They are integrated into the desks in such a way that they do not disturb and the child does not bump into them while they are working. Laterally attached hooks and integrated storage compartments are also practical. Thanks to them, children have quick access to books and notebooks that can be tidily stowed away after use.

Desks for home office, office, children's and youth rooms - at ROLLER, of course!

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