Sirhan Sirhan is hiding the truth


California: Hurricane winds could fuel forest fires

One of the fires in California is now raging on an area that is as large as Munich. Local media sometimes speak of an inferno. But things can get worse. In the fight against the devastating forest fires in California ... more

Forest fire in California: Arnold Schwarzenegger has to flee

Another devastating bush fire causes devastation in the Los Angeles area. Dozens of houses were destroyed and tens of thousands of people had to flee. The flames also threaten a celebrity neighborhood. A bushfire in the greater Los Angeles area drew several celebrities ... more

Many people without electricity: devastating forest fires in California

San Francisco (dpa) - Devastating forest fires continue to eat their way through parts of California. The fires, which have raged for days, have already destroyed dozens of houses and displaced tens of thousands of people. The biggest is currently the "Kincade" fire in Sonoma ... more

California - USA: Forest fires threaten 50,000 people

100 square kilometers fire in the wine region: A forest fire spreads in northern California. Many buildings have already been destroyed. There is also a fire in the south of the US state. The devastating forest fires in California killed tens of thousands more people ... more

California: 40,000 people fleeing forest fires

Devastating forest fires are raging again in the US state of California. Tens of thousands of people left their homes - energy suppliers switched off the electricity as a precaution. Dangerous forest fires have displaced tens of thousands of people in the US state of California ... more

California: Fires are raging in the north and south

It has only been two years since severe fires in California wreaked havoc. Now fires are blazing again in the north and south of the US state and are driving people to flight. A rapidly spreading bush fire has spread in Northern California ... more

Facebook wants to fight the housing crisis in California

As internet companies expanded into Silicon Valley, the housing crisis in California worsened. With Facebook, one of the companies now wants to invest to solve the problem. Facebook has come up with a solution to the housing crisis in California ... more

Ex-SAP boss McDermott hires a US software company

Top manager Bill McDermott, who surprisingly recently resigned as head of the DAX group SAP, has a new job in the USA. The Californian software company ServiceNow hired McDermott as the new CEO on Tuesday after the US stock market closed ... more

Honey mushroom in Oregon: The world's largest mushroom

The largest creature in the world is neither the blue whale nor one of the sequoias in California, but the honey fungus in Oregon. Find out more about this mushroom giant below. For a long time, mushrooms were considered plants because they neither have all the typical properties ... anymore

USA: California turns off electricity - due to risk of forest fire

Hundreds of thousands of people in California will soon have to do without electricity. This is intended to reduce the risk of major fires. Last year, 85 people died in a fire in the region. The US energy supplier Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has ... more

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US fires ICBM in the Pacific

Shortly after the launch of a North Korean missile, the United States also tested an intercontinental cruise missile in the Pacific. However, the missile test is "not an answer to global events." According to its own statements, the USA has successfully ... more

California: New three-sex worm species discovered

In Mono Lake, California, a small sensation was discovered in the truest sense of the word. The new species named Auanema sp. belongs to the roundworms - and has three sexes. Three times as salty as the sea: No good conditions ... anymore

E-cigarette maker Juul exchanges leadership

A court had just banned the e-cigarette manufacturer Juul from selling cartridges without an electrical symbol on the housing in Germany. Now there is the next excitement about the company from the USA. Juul stands for e-cigarettes with flavors ... more

California is suing Donald Trump over emissions standards

US President Trump has announced that he wants to lift existing environmental standards for cars - in order to lower the price of new cars. However, there is headwind from California: The decision is illegal. Several US states led by California are suing ... more

Area 51 - Just a gentle breeze: This is how the "storm" happened

Actually, they wanted to see aliens - and storm what is probably the most famous secret base of the US military. But it didn't get that far in the Nevada desert. However, despite warnings, hundreds of people insisted on it, in the 50 souls ... more

33 bodies recovered on excursion boat after fire inferno

No passengers have been found alive since the devastating boat fire in California on Monday morning. The search for the cause continues. Two days after the fatal boat fire off the coast of California, 33 bodies were recovered. One person ... more

Nocturnal tragedy: Many dead in a boat fire in California

Los Angeles (AP) - After the devastating boat fire off the coast of California, 20 dead have been rescued. 14 people are still missing, said US Sheriff Bill Brown on Tuesday morning (local time). There have been no passengers since the accident on Monday morning

California: "Hollywood Ripper" Found Guilty

He has been referred to as the "Hollywood Ripper": Among his victims in Los Angeles is an acquaintance of a famous actor. Now the 43-year-old has been found guilty of two murders. A known as "Hollywood Ripper" ... more

Munich students win Hyperloop competition again

With their racing capsule, students from the Technical University (TU) Munich have won a so-called Hyperloop competition. The streamlined vehicle called Pod, which sped through an almost evacuated tube, reached Los Angeles on Sunday (local time) ... more