Has a raised ranch a basement

SOLD! 48 ha ranch and living paradise in a dream location with log home, stables, riding arena.


Private ranch paradise in a grandiose dream location. Living oasis with approx. 48 hectares of land.

The impressive secluded location on the "sunny" and climatically spoiled Canim Lake makes the most demanding Canadian wishes come true. At the same time, there is also a very good infrastructure and excellent connections for families with children. If necessary, the school bus stops directly at the entrance to the property Forest Grove is only 20 km away, secondary schools to high school offer 100 Mile House (45 km); relaxed and short distances by Canadian standards. 100 Mile House offers an exemplary infrastructure with a hospital, doctors, shops, car dealerships, workshops, gas stations , Banks, hardware store, restaurants, two new hotels / motels etc.

The 50 hectare ranch is located approx. 1 km (length of the driveway) from the little-traveled, paved main road. The distance to the next neighbor (a German) is approx. 1 km. Several Canadian families reside along Canim Lake. Because of the beauty of Canim Lake, both Canadians and Europeans have vacation properties in the area. Canim Lake has a length of approx. 37-38 km and is up to 3.8 km wide (maximum depth: 208 m). Let yourself be fascinated by a spectacular dream landscape and the unique quality of life in the region.

The healthy and sunny climate of the South Cariboo region with plenty of hours of sunshine in both summer and winter is based on the sheltered location with the Coast Mountains in the west and the Rocky Mountains in the east. One of the most beautiful and varied natural landscapes on earth stretches between these two mountain ranges.