Why didn't Lagertha get pregnant with Ecbert?

Frozen characters of owl.


[gr] [b] WE WALK IN SHADOW, MONSTER LEAD ME HOME [/ b] [/ gr] [img] https://media.giphy.com/media/13QdLqSoFKsK5O/giphy.gif [/ img] [gr] ♦ ambitious ♦ tough ♦ relentless ♦ determined ♦ stubborn ♦ opinionated ♦ independent ♦ hypothermic ♦ secretly very passionate ♦ independent ♦ freedom-loving ♦ quarrelsome ♦ belligerent ♦ brave ♦ brave ♦ does not allow herself to be intimidated ♦ loyal ♦ believes in different gods ♦ feminine ♦ strong [/ gr] [img] http://data.whicdn.com/images/215237740/large.gif [/ img] [gr] [b] MONSTER LEAD ME HOME, THERE IS NO PLACE TO HIDE [/ b] [/ gr]


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[b] P R O L O G [/ b] She prayed for the ability to leave the past behind and start a new life. She prayed to fall asleep and sink into a dream filled with happy memories. But she knew that as soon as she fell asleep, she entered a dark world full of pain and suffering. A world with a gray sky where the sun never showed itself. A world inhabited only by monsters and their victims. A world where soul-eating beasts lurked. Lagertha wondered if her dreams gave her a glimpse of her own personal hell. The night devoured everything. The lonely path seemed to extend into infinity and lead straight into oblivion. Lagertha felt like the only survivor of the end of the world who was in search of something that no longer existed - in search of a missing person, a loved one who had died in a fire that had brought the end of all things. In the moonlight it almost seemed as if she had stepped into a foreign dimension. The landscape seemed to have developed a life of its own and to pursue somber, threatening intentions. The darkness stirred and twisted like a hungry animal just waiting to devour the lonely wanderer's soul. There was gloom everywhere, encircling her, penetrating her heart, enticing her to give up all hope, just lie down and sleep forever. When Lagertha woke up, she found that her life had turned into a violent distortion of reality. This monotony of everyday life suddenly seemed like paradise compared to the horrible present. Even if she survived the terrible ordeal that lay ahead, the world would never be the same place for her as it was before. She could never look into the dark again without fear. She would never feel safe again. Lagertha could no longer turn a blind eye to the truth. She now knew that her little ideal world was an illusion and that she was always dependent on the mercy of the wolves. Predators that lurked just beyond the threshold of their happy existence. If she gave them the slightest opportunity to violate the sanctity of their refuge, they would rob her of everything that mattered to her. Lagertha had always felt that there was a strange, casual and fragmentary relationship that tied everything together, but she had always been certain that events were not planned or served. They were just a series of random occurrences that kept up the everyday cycle of a meaningless, meaningless world. She had never before discovered any connection or seen any reason that a great goal or a higher power in the universe connected all dots together. But now she saw it differently. She saw meanings where there had been only despair before. She saw plans where so far only chaos had been seen. Believing now that she had caught a glimpse of her own destiny, she was enjoying the feeling that her life had a purpose. She felt like a train hurtling into a head-on collision at top speed. She knew what to do. Suddenly everything seemed crystal clear to her. She had tried to throw the sand in the eyes of herself and deny her true nature, but now she knew where she belonged. She surrendered again to the darkness, and this time with body and soul. She wasn't a broken woman. She was a demon, formed in pain and blood. She couldn't run away from her real self. Nobody could.

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[b] S T O R Y [/ b] From Lagertha's childhood we only know that her parents were farmers and that her father trained her to be a fighter. She lived in the same village as Ragnar, who had already had an eye on her for some time. In order to make his beloved his wife, Ragnar wanted to visit Lagertha at home one day and ask for her hand. The problem was that the house was guarded by a bear and a huge dog. Ragnar killed both of them by stabbing the bear with a spear and strangling the dog with his bare hands. Thereby he won Lagertha's favor and was allowed to marry her. Lagertha and her husband had an intimate and passionate relationship during the early years of their marriage. While he goes on the first raids, she guards the common house and the children Bjorn Ragnarson and Gyda, albeit reluctantly. She would much rather have gone to fight side by side with her husband. When Ragnar later brought the monk Athelstan with him as a slave, he took care of the farm and Lagertha was allowed to go on a raid to England. On this trip, Lagertha shows her skills several times, including murdering the Viking Knut when he tries to rape her. After returning from England, Ragnar becomes the new Jarl after a fight and Lagertha becomes the Jarl's wife. On a later booty trip, on which Lagertha is not allowed to accompany her husband, he cheats on her with the pretty Aslaug. Their son Bjorn notices this, however, who reports his father's misdeed to her after his return. During this time, their daughter Gyda also dies of the plague. After a heated argument about the affair, the couple initially reconciled. But then all of a sudden Aslaug appears, who has become pregnant through the affair and now wants to bring the child to his father. Horrified and offended, Lagertha rejects Ragnar's proposal to marry both women and decides to divorce her husband. She leaves the village with her son Bjorn. Lagertha settles in the village of Hedeby, where she marries the local Jarl Sigvard. This turns out to be more and more violent, among other things he beats Lagertha, who does not defend herself at first. Lagertha learns through Bjorn that Ragnar's village has been captured by the hostile Jarl Borg and wants to support her ex-husband in the reconquest. She asks Sigvard to help, but he tries to force her to bed instead of talking about the help. Ultimately, Lagertha sets off on her own with Bjorn and a small group of Vikings to help their old village. When she comes back to Hedeby, her husband has become even more violent, which leads to the fact that he tries to undress her in the presence of guests. Lagertha then stabs him in the eye with a dagger and another Viking cuts off his head. The Vikings present celebrate their courage and declare them the new Jarl. As the new Jarl von Hedeby, Lagertha plans to move to Wessex and build a settlement there, even if not all of her followers agree. Once there, she is wooed by King Egbert, who gives her fertile land as a token of his affection. After many visits to the king's castle, further gifts and the promise that Egbert will not attack the Viking settlement, Lagertha finally sleeps with the king. But then it turns out that Egbert lied and he destroys the Viking settlement. Lagertha decides to go back to Hedeby, where she is horrified to find that her confidante Kalf has taken her place as Jarl. She asks Ragnar for help, but Ragnar is focused on his raid into France. He only asks Kalf to support him in this raid. After dramatic scenes in a fight in Paris, Kalf protects Lagertha in an attack and finally confesses his love to her. Lagertha agrees, but also says that she will eventually kill him for his misdeeds.