Did Norman Bates kill his mother

"Bates Motel": Bloody & Murderous Series Finale

The very last episode ran on Monday in the USA "Bates Motel" over the television screens and as expected, it was not only a bloody but also a grueling finale. Two characters had to be in "The Cord" and after the episode ran there was a special showing the cast and executive producers Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin talked about the last few years.

Attention spoilers! After Romero (Nestor Carbonell) in the last episode Norman (Freddie Highmore) kidnapped the two of them arrived at the place where Norman took the body of Norma (Vera Farmiga) has hidden. She was Romero's great love and seeing her like that was just too much for him.

He was so overwhelmed by his emotions that he completely forgot that he was not alone in the forest. A fight ensued and Norman was able to grab Romero's pistol, which he was using! He pulled the trigger several times and it was just 10 minutes before we saw the first murder in the finale.

"You killed your mother," were the last words of Alex, who flipped a switch in Norman's head with it. At that moment, Norma, his second personality, appeared. Now he knew that it was he who killed his mother. He now knew all the secrets and it was time for Norma to leave, as there was nothing left to protect him from.

It was all too much for Norman. In his mind he went back in time and remembered the beginnings of the Bates Motel. Only for him it wasn't memories, it was reality. He returned home with Norma's body, where he prepared a meal and met his brother Dylan (Max Theriot) invited.

The first thing he had to do was vomit when he saw his mother's body. He tried to make it clear to Norman that he is not living in reality and that Norma is dead. For him a world collapsed and with a knife in hand he wanted to attack Dylan. Fortunately, however, he got himself a gun in advance, with which he defended himself and shot his brother.

Now Norman and Norma are forever united wherever they may be.

So “Bates Motel” didn't really end with a happy ending. At least not for Norman. But as a leap in time showed, at least his brother Dylan is happy. After his marriage to Emma (Olivia Cooke) was at stake, we saw that years after the terrible events, they are still a family.

Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore sent a special greeting to their colleagues on Twitter.

So long White Pine Bay. See ya, suckers. ? # BatesMotel @ InsideBates @ KerryEhrin @ CarltonCuse @ CarbonellNestor @ maxthieriot @ TheKennyJohnsonpic.twitter.com / JWIoOP0ytP

- Vera Farmiga (@VeraFarmiga) April 25, 2017