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The blue tiger

A natural oasis in the middle of the big city

An old botanical garden lies like a forgotten island in the middle of a noisy city. 9-year-old Johanna lives here with her mother, the taciturn gardener Blume and her best friend Mathias. His grandfather once founded the botanical garden, but the area now belongs to the city and is becoming increasingly neglected. For Johanna and Mathias the overgrown oasis with the many plants, the gray parrot and all the other animals is paradise on earth, a huge playground for adventure and dreams.

Paradise in danger

Here Johanna feels safe and secure - very different from at school, where everyone teases her because of her vivid imagination. But Johanna's paradise is in danger, because the ambitious mayor Nörgel is planning a new building project with a gigantic entertainment center on the site. The two friends feverishly think about how to save their home. But what can children do against the plans of politicians?

All just dreamed?

While Johanna ponders the powerlessness of children, she uses a blue felt pen to sketch a sleeping tiger. When he yawns at her from the paper, she wonders whether things that one thinks up can become reality. In fact, the next day on television reported a blue tiger causing an uproar. But not only that: the garden has been transformed into a magical jungle practically overnight, triggering a veritable rush of visitors. For Johanna it is clear that only the blue tiger can have achieved this miracle….

About the film

Czech children's films have a legendary reputation and the extraordinarily imaginative film The blue tiger it effortlessly succeeds in building on this great tradition. With its mixture of loving animation and carefully staged real sequences, its poetic aesthetics and fairytale-like elements, this big city fairy tale not only enchants younger viewers. The blue tiger is a wonderful creature of the imagination that teaches children and adults how to use and immerse themselves in them.

“The Blue Tiger” lives less from a sophisticated story or dramatic entanglements than from its magical atmosphere. With simple means a world can be created that is similar to ours, but more like one
childish fantasy world. And that's exactly what Czech cinema was known for for years and maybe soon will be again with films like this.

Michael Meyns, programmkino.de

A big city fairy tale about finding paradise, the luck of having good friends and the courage to assert yourself against the adult world. The quietly staged children's film captivates with its interspersed cartoon sequences and the charismatic child actors.
film service, Bonn

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Brief info

Czech Republic / Germany /
Slovakia 2012
Director: Petr Oukropec
Script: Petr Oukropec, Tereza Horváthová
Length: 90 minutes
FSK: from 0
recommended for ages 7 and up

Linda Votrubová (Johanna), Jakub Wunsch (Mathias), Barbora Hrzánová (Johanna's mother), Jan Hartl (gardener Blume), Daniel Drewes (Nörgel) and others


Kristiansand Children's Film Festival 2012: Audience Award a.o.


Childhood, fantasy, friendship, otherness, nature, big city, authorities, resistance, film language

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