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Trans people: Born in the wrong body

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Ilka Christin Weiß is a trans woman: She was born a boy, but always felt in the wrong body until she finally wanted to be officially recognized as a woman.

"Everyone should be able to determine their own gender, regardless of their body. Just based on their perceived gender identity," says Ilka Christin Weiß from Lilienthal (Osterholz district). She is a trans woman and is eager to see what will become of a bill with which the Greens in the Bundestag want to abolish the old transsexual law. This should make it easier for people like Ilka Christin Weiß to change their name and gender. She was born a boy, but always felt in the wrong body until she finally wanted to be officially recognized as a woman. But this road was long and anything but easy.

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"You have to get completely naked psychologically"

At the age of 50, Ilka Christin Weiß was finally tired of living with a false identity. When she then applied for a change of first name and civil status, she had to undergo two reports that were very stressful for her: "You have to be completely naked psychologically," said Weiß. This is exactly what is about to change, the Greens are pleading in the Bundestag for the introduction of a self-determination law. According to this, people who feel that they were born in the wrong body as boys or girls should be able to change their name and gender without major bureaucratic hurdles.

"Psychological reports should be deleted"

Julia Steenken from the German Society for Transidentity and Intersexuality also thinks that the psychological reports should be deleted: "I hope that this legislative initiative will put an end to the overarching compulsory assessment, because it means a profound questioning of the gender of those affected, like her would not even begin to be accepted in the case of those not affected. "

Neighbors call her "Princess of Lilienthal"

As a child, Ilka Christin Weiß - who was still called Holger at the time - knew that something was different about her: "I knew when I was four that I was a girl and was brought up like that for two years. Unfortunately, schooling was over with that and I was only able to come out in the course of time and have only been living completely as a woman since I was 50 years old, "says the 57-year-old. Her neighbors in Lilienthal also accept her after she has changed her gender, says Weiß. They affectionately nicknamed her "Princess of Lilienthal".

Hostility and discrimination

People like Ilka Christin Weiß speak of trans identity and not transsexuality - because it is more about the question of identity than sexuality. Around 30,000 people in Germany belong to this group. But it is not as easy for trans people everywhere as Ilka Christin Weiß has it with her neighbors in Lilienthal: "Society has improved a lot. But there is still a lot to be done and everything is far from good," says Weiß . There is still hostility and discrimination. That must finally stop. She hopes that the first step will be taken with the Self-Determination Act.

More a question of identity than sexuality

Ilka Christin Weiß knows from experience that people who are not affected often find it difficult to empathize with the problems of trans identity. She tries to provide clarification: "We do not want to abolish the sexes or impose a gender on anyone or say: 'You have to be this way or that because you have this or the body.' But every person should be able to determine their own gender. " Today the Bundestag is deliberating on the Greens' draft law, which could change the life of many transgender people decisively.

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