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10 facts about India that will leave you amazed

6. "Living Bridges" in Mawsynram:

The name of this village should be remembered if you love rain. It is located in eastern India and has the world's highest average annual rainfall - over 11,800 liters per square meter in one year. For comparison: in 2019 it was 730 liters per square meter in Germany. The local people have adjusted to this: They wear full-body protection made of bamboo and banana leaves, under which they can even work. The traditionally manufactured "living bridges" are also due to the moisture: Since bridges made of wood would rot quickly in this climate, one makes do with the roots of rubber trees. These are interlocked and interwoven in such a way that over time they grow together to form a very stable network.


7. First diamonds:

The precious stones were first quarried in India - many of the famous stones therefore come from India. Until diamonds were discovered in Brazil in the 18th century, India was a leader in the production of these precious stones. Today, many diamonds are imported into India to be cut here.


8. Sacred cows:

Cows are considered sacred in India. That is why they are given some freedoms. For example, you can see them walking through the streets of the cities. They are not driven out, but rather touched in awe by many devout Hindus, provided with water and bread. At the same time, India is the world's largest milk producer. Around half of the milk comes from cows, the other from buffalo.