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Norway tips: information on arrival, travel time, sights & more

In my Norway tips you will find an overview for your vacation in the Scandinavian Kingdom. Here you can find out which travel time is recommended, where you can find the most beautiful cities and the most impressive natural spectacles and which accommodation is best. Visit beautiful fjords and villages like Geiranger or the Oslofjord, experience adrenaline rushes on roads like Trollstigen and immerse yourself in the time of the Vikings in southern Norway. Pack your bags and experience your adventure holiday in Norway.

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numbers and facts

  • Capital: Oslo
  • Population: 5.357 million
  • Currency: Norwegian kroner
  • Official language: Norwegian
  • Religion: Mainly Evangelical Lutheran (approx. 75%)
  • Time zone: UTC + 1 / UTC + 2 (from March to October)

getting there

There are several options for travelers from Germany to travel to Norway:

  • Colorline: The shipping company Colorline offers you relaxed cruises to your destination: You can either take part in a mini cruise from Kiel or you can use the routes from Denmark, which either lead from Hirtshals to Kristiansand or to Larvik.
  • Stena Line: Stena Line operates up to seven times a week between Frederikshavn in Denmark and Oslo. Plan for up to nine hours of ferry travel here during the day, and if you drive overnight it will be around 13 hours per crossing.
  • Fjord Line: These ships also start from Denmark and bring you cheaply to Norway. You also start the crossing in Hirtshalser Hafen and arrive in Stavanger or optionally in Bergen.
  • Arrival with the Automobile: Via Denmark and the Great Belt Bridge, over the Øresund Bridge to Sweden and then on to Norway. You can expect tolls on some routes.
  • With the plane for example to Oslo Gardemoen. You can find the cheapest flight connections at Skyscanner. Of course there are more airports in the country.
  • Arrival with the Train: There are routes from Germany via Sweden and Denmark to Norway. However, since the rail network in Norway itself is not particularly well developed, Oslo is a recommended destination for the train journey. You can then use various regional trains to reach other destinations in Norway, such as Bergen with the Bergensbahn.

Best travel time

If you are now planning your trip to Norway, it is important to find out in advance which travel time is best. The summer months are recommended May to September. At this time it is on average lighter and also warmer than in the winter months. In midsummer it is light here all day, while in winter it is not uncommon when the sun cannot even be seen. However, you have to choose your travel time from the planned ones activities make them dependent. For example, you really want to Northern lights see, a trip in the Fall or even winter rather than a trip in the otherwise preferred summer months. East of the Skanden you will find the best conditions for a winter sports holiday in winter. The first snow can fall in Norway as early as September, but if you want to increase the chances of a wonderful skiing holiday, I recommend the months of November to February.

The best time to travel to Norway

Most beautiful places

Norway is best known for its untouched, breathtaking nature, but that's not all. Because in the kingdom there are numerous beautiful places that are staged against the backdrop of nature. In addition to the capital Oslo, you should definitely plan further stops on your trip to Norway.


The largest city in Northern Norway is mostly on an island in the Balsfjord. This part of the city is connected to the rest of the mainland by a bridge. In addition, it lies on the Northern Lights Beltwhich allows you to see the Northern Lights even when there is little activity. Since the view of the northern lights is very good here, you don't need a guide. The symbol of the city, the Arctic Cathedral draws its visitors under its spell with its unique architecture. The midnight concerts in the cathedral are well known. The Storsteinen is Tromso's local mountain. You should definitely pay him a visit too. The best way to get there is via the cable car, the valley station of which is near the cathedral. From above you have a fantastic view over the city. Do you want to know more about Tromsø? Then have a look at my Tromsø tips and find out more!

Tromsø tips

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Of course, you are definitely not allowed to do this on a holiday in Norway Capital miss the kingdom! Oslo offers you cool ones Trendy district, beautiful nature in the form of numerous parks and a wide range of cultural activities. Visit the architecturally impressive Oslo Opera House and visit the district Greenlandwho takes you on a multicultural journey. You will find hip clubs and cool bars here as well as numerous small shops and fruit sellers. That too National Museum is worth a visit: Here you can see the most expensive painting in the world, "The Scream" by Edvard Munch, admire. The ski jump is not far from the capital Holmenkollen, about which you can find out everything in the associated museum and simulator. If you want even more action, you can go to the Zipline Plunge over 100 meters into the depths - pure adrenaline!

Oslo tips

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The second largest city Norway welcomes you with brightly colored houses against the backdrop of the rough landscape. The city gets its special flair from the surrounding mountains and the numerous dark blue ones Fjords. The oldest neighborhood in the city is Bryggen and invites you on a little journey through time. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the colorful, traditional wooden houses in front of the impressive backdrop of nature. In any case, you have to take a trip to the fjords when you are in Bergen. Incidentally, one of the most famous fjords in the country is located here. Pay a visit to the fjord in Geiranger village and the mountain too Fløyencounts with his Funicular to the most popular attractions of the area. You can find out more about the must sees in my mountains tips!

Bergen tips

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Never heard of Lofoten? Then it's time, because Norway has beautiful islands to offer. Whether a road trip or various bike tours, on the islands you can explore the beautiful, untouched nature. The is one of the most beautiful places on the islands Haukland Beach in front of turquoise blue water and the backdrop of the rough rocks. If you explore the island, you should try the idyllic one Reine fishing village Pay a visit to the west of Lofoten. The Magic Ice Museum is also located here, where you can marvel at magical and impressive ice sculptures. In Svolvær you can then take a seat at an ice bar to enjoy your drinks. In addition, your chances of seeing the Northern Lights are very good on the islands!

Lofoten tips

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Sights of nature

Norway is famous for its fascinating, beautiful nature. So it is no surprise that numerous sights await you on your vacation. Whether you are a nature lover or not, these impressive backdrops will make every vacationer hold their breath:


If you visit the many fjords in Norway, you can expect a natural spectacle in a class of its own. In Norway there are over 1,000 fjords, of which ten are also regularly approached by cruise ships. One of the most famous fjords is the Oslofjord, but you shouldn't miss the fjords listed below:


The fjord is one of the most famous fjords in Norway and is particularly beautiful to look at in May when the fruit is in bloom. In winter you can climb the snow-covered glaciers, while in warmer times you can also go kayaking on the fjord. The fjord is also famous for the Troll's Tongue, a rocky outcrop that is 700 meters above the water and is a popular hiking destination for tourists and locals. However, this hike can only be mastered in the warm months.

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This fjord also offers numerous sights in the vicinity that attract countless admirers. Another popular hiking destination is located here: the Pulpit Rock. This is a rock platform that towers over 600 meters above the fjord. You can also climb the longest wooden staircase in the world, which has 4,444 steps up to 700 meters high. In the villages around Norway's southernmost fjord, you can immerse yourself in the bygone days of the Vikings.

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The famous fjord in Geiranger, a town of the same name, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015 and is one of the most popular destinations for Norway cruises. The 15 kilometer long fjord is only 600 meters wide at its narrowest point, which makes a boat trip through the fjord an experience. In the village there is also a spectacular, winding mountain road called Trollstigen, which offers you a captivating view of nature and the fjord. The seven waterfalls that you can admire by the fjord are also an absolute highlight.

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The deepest fjord in the country is also considered to be one of the most beautiful. The Sognefjord is south of Bergen and stretches to the Jotunenheimen National Park. With its length of 200 kilometers, it is not only the deepest but also the longest fjord in Norway and Europe. Here you can take a trip with the panorama train Flåm Railway book and enjoy the beautiful landscape on a 20-kilometer route. One of the most impressive tributaries of the fjord is the Nærøyfjord and north of the fjord you will find the largest mainland glacier in Europe.

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Fjords in Norway

Northern lights

If you are longingly looking for the northern lights, Norway is the place for you. You should preferably spend your vacation on the Winter months place, because in the cold months there is a long one Dark phase, during which the ideal conditions for northern lights prevail. Especially in the north of Norway there are ideal conditions for observing the northern lights. Without light pollution you have especially on the Lofoten, in Tromso or Svalbard the opportunity to admire the indescribable play of colors. The Northern Lights Belt with the best conditions runs across Lofoten, Tromsø and up to the northernmost point. At GetYourGuide you can book tours on beautiful landscape routes with a guide. In my Northern Lights article you will find numerous tips and information about the Aurora Borrealis, how you can best find it and how you can capture it in pictures:

Northern lights in Norway



As already mentioned, some natural sights are ideal as hiking destinations. The one already mentioned Trolltunga hike to the famous Troll's Tongue is a very demanding hike, but one that will reward you with a stunning sight at the end of the landscape routes. The ledge is located in the Handangervidda plateau whole 700 meters over the Ringedalsvatnet. The best season for the strenuous hike in the wilderness is between June and September. A hike to Troll's Tongue is clearly not recommended in winter. In addition, you shouldn't forget to bring clothes for all weather conditions.

Trolltunga hike

The is also a popular vantage point Pulpit Rock. The rock platform protrudes 30 meters from the rock and welcomes up to 300,000 visitors annually to 600 meters Height. After about two hours of hiking on beautiful Scandinavian landscape routes, you will reach the plateau and enjoy the beautiful view. If you really want to see the sunrise, you can camp on the hiking trail to the rock plateau. Before the hike you should write a packing list so that you don't forget any important things. The various hiking destinations are coveted photo opportunities for tourists and locals and are no longer an insider tip. So be prepared that you will not be alone.

Pulpit rock hike

In Ryfylke is the Kjerag or also called Kiragg. In the western part of the plateau there is a huge monolith, the so-called Kjeragbolten. This round rock is at a height of 1,000 meters above the fjord trapped in a crevice. Here you have to be prepared for a hike of between 6 and 10 hours.

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Landscape routes

There are 18 landscape routes in Norway, which are national main and secondary roads. The different landscape routes have different topics and each show individual landscapes. The 18 routes are located in northern, western and central Norway, on the coasts and in the mountains. Overall, you can go around on them 2,136 kilometers touring. The long-distance routes are made special by a combination of designed landscape and specifically designed architecture. The road to Havoysund leads you along the water, only a few meters above sea level you can enjoy the beautiful landscape. Senja, on the other hand, will surprise you with high mountains that plunge into the sea and are the landmark of the route. On the island of Andoya you can admire one of the most beautiful beaches in Norway and enjoy your walk on the beach in peace. Helgelandkysten is the longest of the 18 landscape routes, so you should take extra time for it. On this route you cross the Arctic Circle and encounter numerous natural spectacles, such as the Saltstraumen. You can find more information about the landscape routes here.

Hotel or holiday home?

Before starting the trip, of course, the question arises whether you will be in one or more Hotels or in one Holiday home spent the night. If you are not traveling with a tent or mobile home, you can find the cheapest accommodation in Norway via If you plan to stay in one place, I recommend one Holiday home as accommodation. Here you live more privately, more personally and often more comfortably than in a hotel. There are numerous affordable holiday homes in Norway that you can choose from. Here, however, you first have to decide on a region.

  • The South coast Norway is one of the most popular holiday areas in the country. Here you will find numerous picturesque villages and islands. The south coast offers numerous leisure activities such as hiking, swimming or fishing.
  • It is very popular with adventurers north Norway. If you're looking for phenomena like the midnight sun or the northern lights, you've come to the right place. Here you will find numerous national parks, small wooden houses and impressive glaciers.
  • Since Norway is a country that is characterized by its numerous fjords, it makes sense Cottage on the water at. There are numerous holiday homes that were built on the fjords and offer you a gorgeous view.

If you are more interested in a round trip and would like to see as many different destinations as possible during your vacation, your choice may come closer hotel. Here you can only book the nights you want to spend in one place and then look for another hotel at the next destination. Since that Weather In Norway, however, it can be very changeable, you should stay in a hotel or hostel, in which you could spend the whole day if necessary. The advantage of a hotel is that you can choose to be catered for and no longer have to cook after a strenuous day. If you want to stay in a holiday home, it is advisable to plan your trip early.

To the holiday homes in Norway

Round trip

Do you choose one Round trip, you are spoiled for choice as to which places to visit. Here too, however, you have to agree on a region or an overarching topic. Visitnorway offers round trips in which you explore the fjords of Norway or round trips through the Oslo region. Alternatively, there are routes that include the east of Norway or tours for the south. Here are some examples:

  • Fjords: Nordfjordeid at Nordfjord - Sandane at Gloppefjords with a trip to Brikdalsbeeren - Ålesund at Hjørundfjord
  • Around Oslo: Oslo - Fredrikstad - Vestfold - Hedmark - the Gjovik, Hadeland and Ringerike region - Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen
  • various route suggestions for a round trip in Southern Norwaycan be found here.
  • The most important spots in a round trip: This tour, also offered by visitnorway, starts optionally in Bergen, Oslo or Voss and includes trips on the Bergen Railway and Flåm Railway, a visit to the Nærøyfjord and a trip on the steep Stalheimskleiva.

Of course, you can also put together your own round trip route based on all the tips you can collect about this fascinating country and plan detours through small villages.


Would you like to spend your vacation in the great outdoors, be in harmony with it and look forward to unique experiences? Then you should consider a camping holiday in Norway. Norway has made a name for itself among camping fans in recent years and is now a very popular travel destination. That is true in Norway Everyone's right (Norwegian: Allemannsretten), which allows both locals and tourists to move freely in nature. Coasts, mountains, plateaus and forests are usually considered "open land" on which you can camp. Basically, camping is allowed anywhere in Norway, as long as you keep a minimum distance of 150 meters from the nearest house. You need a permit if you want to camp for more than two nights in one place. This does not apply to camping in the mountains and similar remote locations. You don't want to Wild camping, the country offers you over 1,000 Campsitesspread all over the country. If you are traveling to Norway with a motorhome, there are also plenty of them Parking spaces. The variations range from simple places to fully equipped places with power supply and sanitary facilities. Extensive tips for an unforgettable holiday and other camping options such as camping cabins can be found in my Norway camping article.

Camping in Norway

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Of course, Norway has a lot of leisure activities to offer, including exciting activities that you shouldn't miss. Whether you want to get to know the animals of the country or discover nature with the Hurtigruten, here you will find an overview of the top activities for your vacation:

Visiting animals

If you really want to see reindeer, elk or musk ox, you can take a trip to Dovrefjell National Park. Oppdal is one of the five places in the world where your Musk ox found in the wild. For this you can either follow the musk path or join a guided safari. Oppdal's wild animals can be found in the Dovregebrige around Snøhetta and Knutshø. With two meters shoulder height is that Moose the largest land mammal in Norway and thus the king of the forests. To see one of the shy animals, you can take part in a moose safari. GetYourGuide also offers numerous reindeer sleigh rides.

To ski

Norway is the absolute paradise for skiers and snowboarders. Whether children, beginners or professionals, everyone will find the right slope for themselves here. Many of the most beautiful Ski areas of the country can be found in Eastern Norway. In the north of Norway you can ski with a view of the sea. In the northern fjords you can go on great deep snow drives. Here you will find an overview of the Norwegian ski areas:

  • Beitostølen: You will find this diverse ski area at the foot of the Jotunheimen mountain. In the cozy, small village you can reach everything on foot. You can let off steam here on over 20 kilometers of slopes.
  • Gålå: Whether you just want to enjoy the beautiful landscape on cross-country trails or prefer to snowboard through the deep snow, everyone will find happiness in this ski area. The accommodations are just as varied, from five-star hotels to small huts. Here you can choose your dream home.
  • Geilo: Geilo is located on the largest high plateau in Europe. The ski area is well connected by the Bergen Railway. The village is considered one of the most popular winter destinations in Norway.
  • Hemsedal: This area is one of the most famous in Norway. The small village is surrounded by barren mountains up to 2,000 meters high. Whether paragliding, ice fishing or skiing - here you have an incredible number of options to organize your day.
  • Lillehammer: The city offers you a lot of activities, so you will never get bored. Around 40 kilometers of pistes await you in addition to the snow park and off-piste runs. A highlight of the ski area is the extensive network of trails.
  • Trysil: The largest ski resort in Norway also offers you the opportunity to reach everything on foot or on skis. The place is also very child-friendly and therefore ideal for families. Experienced winter sports enthusiasts will also find numerous challenging slopes here.

Fishing in Norway

Are you a passionate fisherman and do you really want to have a fish on the hook in Norway? Because of the wonderful landscapes and the most diverse Fish populations Norway is a popular destination for anglers. Watch out, because you don't need any for sea fishing or fishing in the fjords in Norway Fishing license. The main thing is that you fish sustainably and only for your own use. You only need a fishing license for fishing in inland waters. From the age of 18 you also have to pay a fee that you can pay at the post office. You can fish best in the south of Norway in autumn and spring. However, if you want to go fishing in the north, you should most likely do so in summer. But where is the best place to fish? The beautiful fishing areas on the Lofoten you should visit in summer. The fjord in the whole of Norway is rich in fish Hardangervidda. Hemsedal and is considered a paradise for fly and spin fishermen. You can find out more about the fishing licenses, the best waters and the high season in my article about fishing in Norway:

Fishing in Norway

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Norway is a popular cruise destination, especially because of the numerous picturesque fjords. Due to their size, the fjords can be approached from the sea. Cruise companies such as MSC, TUI Cruises or AIDA offer cruises to the most beautiful Norwegian fjords. In addition to numerous cruises to the fjords, the North Cape is also a popular destination for such boat trips. Many visitors want to take a trip there to see the famous midnight sun. You can take such cruises to the North Cape with TUI Cruises or AIDA. Big cruise companies of course offer numerous other tours that include big cities like Oslo.

Norway cruises

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