How did Dave Grohl come to Nirvana

Dave Grohl, the former drummer of Nirvana, says he was afraid of being kicked out of the band at the time. Grohl, who founded the “Foo Fighters” in 1994 and switched to the microphone as a singer, said this in an interview with “Apple Music”. In it he admitted, among other things: "I felt really insecure and thought: I am not good enough".

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In the interview, Grohl recalls the time he joined Nirvana: “They had a team of drummers in front of me and some of them were more integrated into the band than others. When I joined them, I didn't know Krist and Kurt at all. But when we first met and started playing, it was clear that it was working really well. We sounded like most people know Nirvana today. "

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He continued, “Almost exactly a year after I joined, Nevermind came out. And then everything went very quickly. The band grew really big. ”This quick success seemed to unsettle the then early 20-year-old Grohl.

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Regarding this, he said, “Every band I've been in played with friends I had known for a long time.” He went on: “You're just so nervous because you're afraid of being fired or that it will stop . I really didn't mean to get fired. So I did my best to prevent that. "

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The 51-year-old musician now seems to have completely overcome this uncertainty. After Nirvana dissolved after the death of Kurt Cobain, David Grohl turned to new projects for solace. In 1994 he founded the Foo Fighters “whose debut album Grohl recorded all by himself. The plant celebrated its 25th anniversary on July 4, 2020.