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Children's bike test - how to buy children's bikes

If the balance bike is too small and the children have not been sitting in the bicycle trailer for a long time, their motor skills are already strengthened and the first children's bike is to be bought, one is faced with the question of which children's bike is good and what should be considered before buying. In the children's bike test we get to the bottom of these questions and tell you what is important. In addition to questions about the right size, we also deal with the fundamental question of whether or not you should buy a used children's bike.

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Which is the right size for the children's bike

The right frame size is the key to choosing the right bike. Here we have a frame height calculator for you. Measure the stride length and enter the values. The correct size of children's bicycle is particularly important for children, as confidence in bicycles is strengthened at a young age and a lot of uncertainty can arise with bicycles that do not fit.

A children's bike in the 10 inch range is usually so small that the little ones can hardly ride it themselves. Here you should take a look at the wheels.

Children's bike 12 inch and 14 inch bikes

They are almost exclusively there to get the child used to the bike. To learn how to use it and to convey the feeling that you are no longer pushing yourself off like with a balance bike but are now pedaling. Training wheels almost unavoidable (regardless of whether it makes sense to learn to ride a bike with or without training wheels.)

16 inch children's bikes

Most of the time you have the option of attaching support wheels, but often there is no lighting system or necessary reflectors.

18 inch children's bikes

They are hardly different from the smaller 16 inch models. Since not all children learn to ride a bike with a 16 inch bike, the 18 inch bikes usually also have the option of training wheels and the missing lighting units. However, you rarely see 18 inch bicycles with training wheels.

20 inch bikes

They are often roadworthy and may already have a hub dynamo or gear shift. Usually this is the age at which the children leave kindergarten and go to school. For this you should buy a good 20 inch children's bike. The youngsters usually see for themselves whether they want a girls 'or boys' bikes.

22 inch bikes

They are very likely to be skipped, the difference to the 20s is not great and the time up to the 24s does not take long. The children are in a growth phase in which the jump from 20 to 24 can only be a few months.

24 inch bike

24 inches is called then from the 3 or 4 class. The child has a certain sense of responsibility and can use the bike. They may already be driving to school alone and also use their bike in the afternoon to meet up with friends.

26 inches and time goes by so fast

Almost small adults, if you consider that small people sometimes do not switch to a 28-er bike.

Deviations are possible, the table is only intended as a guide. It should always be decided according to individual criteria. [Except for personal developments and progress - we know that you Maximilian is much further along]

Buy a used children's bike

If you decide to look for used children's bikes, you should consider a few things. Take a look at our article “Buying a used bike” - We can only recommend that you take a very close look at used bikes. If the bike is defective, estimate the cost of the repair and compare the total cost with the cost of purchasing a new one. You can get ready-made children's bikes from 140 euros. There is a suitable children's bike for both girls and boys.

Advantages of buying a used children's bike:

  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Possibly available immediately as bought through classifieds

Disadvantages of buying a used bike

  • No guarantee or warranty
  • Possible damage to the bike can go undetected
  • Repairs possible before use

Road safety with children's bicycles

The smaller the road users are, the worse they are seen by other road users. Children in particular are even more inconspicuous on a bike than adults, one more reason that a children's bike should be roadworthy under all circumstances. Participating in road traffic is a challenge for many children, and especially at the beginning there is a lot of fear and respect. If uncertainty and a lack of driving experience encounter a not fully functional bike, this can unfortunately end very badly.

Quite often, very simple brakes and brake levers are installed on 12-16 inch wheels. Even as an adult, you often have to exert a lot of force here to get the brake shoes onto the rim. Make sure that your child can fully apply and pull the brakes on their own.

Our tip: If you buy a used bike, take it to a specialist workshop for inspection before use.

Optics over function

It is particularly important for children to ride a cool bike, and you should not compromise on functionality. Ergonomics and health also play a big role in young adults. Anyone who rides the wrong bike on a long-term basis can suffer from health problems. Particularly in the growth phase and in combination with a heavy school bag, high loads can occur. Check out our paragraph on bike basket for school bags. The distance from the seat tube to the handlebars and an upright sitting position determine whether you want to ride your bike for fun or whether you need to.

Better to buy a bike that is too big, or not?

Children grow fast and it's always a guessing game when the next growth spurt is coming. Many parents therefore tend to buy a bike that is too big and that the child still has to "grow into" it. A bike that is too big can not only take away the joy of cycling, it is also very dangerous. If, for example, your child does not get to the ground safely when holding it, dangerous situations can arise. There is a reason you can get the right size, not because you ignore it.

A new children's bike often costs a lot of money

Because you don't know how long the child can ride the bike, most parents are very reluctant to buy a new children's bike. This is of course understandable, if you spend 200-300 euros on a bike, you don't want to buy a new one in 6 months.

Nevertheless, we cannot advise against it, a new bike also has many advantages:

  • The bike is immediately ready for use and roadworthy
  • There is a guarantee and warranty
  • High resale value as many are looking for used bikes
  • Current and working technology

Even if the child is too small for the bike after 6 months, the resale value due to the guarantee and the current model is quite high. Even those who buy used bikes rarely get more money for the old bike than for the new bike. You can still get a good bike lock or helmet from your specialist dealer. If there is no lock on the used bike, you will have to pay additional costs.

A children's bike should also be serviced regularly. The advantage of a new bike is that it is completely functional and the offspring can set off straight away. Optional support wheels are included, depending on the model and variant. Only a flag can be bought for security reasons. A children's bike can also be bought online, a large selection and inspiration can be found at Amazon, for example, at Bruegelmann.

Nevertheless, we would like to point out that a new bike should be bought when the offspring already has a sense of responsibility. Anyone who buys used should ask their dealer around the corner whether they also sell used bikes.

Various children's bikes

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Children's bike test - conclusion

In the end it is of course up to you whether you look at the new or used children's bicycles. When you buy the bike, it is important to listen to your child and your gut instinct. If on the test ride it tells you that the bike doesn't fit properly, don't ignore it. You don't have to drive it, but your offspring. Even if the purchase is often a financial question, think carefully about the cost of repairs.

Always make a sales contract in which the frame number of the bike is entered. You can also do something handwritten showing how much money was paid for which bike. Put this contract aside and show it when you get into a necessary situation.

Here you will find a nice leaflet on the subject of children / road traffic / bicycles: http://www.adfc.de/…/kaufipps-kinderfahrrad

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