Shouldn't people break the rules

In the event of violations of the corona protection regulations, the law enforcement officers have no mercy. Since some citizens do not obey the rules, the wrongdoing is severely punished. So it hit a 24-year-old Wickeder who received a fine of 250 euros.

Wickede - The Wickeder had appealed against the fine because he was of the opinion that he had behaved correctly. As he described, he had met with two other friends in the parking lot opposite the train station at the beginning of January this year.

“I was in the car and my buddies were smoking outside by a long way,” he said. He said that the three people were taking a short walk when suddenly his cell phone rang. “It was a friend's turn. He said I should go to my car quickly, it would be towed and it could cost me 5000 euros. "

Violation of corona rules: second cell phone in the car

As he further explained, police officers were at the cars and had taken his second cell phone from his car. "They didn't want to give that back to me until the other two came," he said. He then called his other colleagues.

The officials who testified as witnesses said that they frequently go to places where a large number of people tend to gather. It was the same on that day. They further reported that they had discovered a fire around which three people are said to have stood shoulder to shoulder and none of these people are said to have been wearing a protective mask. “When we approached the people, they ran away,” they report. Since the three cars were open, the officers had secured valuables such as keys, wallets and cell phones.

Violation of corona rules: Witnesses were credible to judges

After the evidence was taken, the Wickeder applied for the fine against him to be lifted. However, the judge did not comply. He punished the willful violation of the Corona protective conditions with a fine of 250 euros. In addition, the Wickeder has to pay the costs of the negotiation. He justified his judgment by saying that the witnesses had given credible evidence.