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SOLUTIONS edition 2018
1400 EMPLOYEES 22 COMPANIES 30 LOCATIONS A STRONG GROUP The Blumenbecker Group supports you in achieving your goals with a broad portfolio of services and products. The automation of systems and machines, the development of innovative robotics solutions, the supply of products, from C-parts to machine tools, the testing, maintenance and repair of your systems as well as special machine construction are among the services that we offer one source - worldwide. 02
WE DELIVER ANSWERS If you want to survive in global competition today, you have to produce flexibly, reliably, quickly and inexpensively. As an international industrial service provider, we have made it our business to provide our customers with the best possible support. We see ourselves as partners to our customers and rely on an intensive dialogue in line with the company philosophy: Listening, finding the right answers and realizing them reliably and on schedule. 11 COUNTRIES ›200 MILLION. € SALES (2017) 03
EDITORIAL DEAR CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS, Welcome to the first issue of our company magazine SOLUTIONS. As an international industrial service provider, we support our customers flexibly, reliably, quickly and inexpensively. Blumenbecker offers a broad portfolio of products and services for this. We would like to invite you to think outside the box of the Blumenbecker companies you know and to discover completely new sides to us. Find out more about national and international Blumenbecker customers and how we can find tailor-made solutions for individual requirements. The digital transformation is a topical and exciting topic. In SOLUTIONS we report on new developments and our own experiences on the way to the digital future. We wish you a lot of inspiration while reading. Dr. Wolfgang Fink Group Manager 04
An all-round carefree package for the quality inspection of crankshafts 20 years of successful cooperation 5 participating Blumenbecker companies 8 QUANTEC KR C4 robots 07
AUTOMATION OF THE QUALITY INSPECTION Whether steering knuckles, wishbones, crankshafts, pistons or excavator teeth - when it comes to forged chassis and engine components, but also non-automotive systems, Bharat Forge CDP from Ennepetal is a sought-after supplier. And that worldwide. CDP, part of the Indian Kalyani Group, has been forging steel for 175 years. For this, the specialist for complex closed-die forged parts uses automated production lines. The quality check is also largely automated at Bharat Forge CDP. Only in this way can the extensive quality tests required by the automotive industry be carried out economically. 08
“Quality is the top priority.” Stefan Schippan, Plant Planning, Bharat Forge CDP 10
EXTENSIVE PROJECT REQUIRES BUNDLED COMPETENCE Several projects were carried out by BHARAT FORGE CDP in Ennepetal for the exchange and reprogramming of the existing quality inspection line and becker Automatisierungstechnik GmbH. eight Kuka KR Quantec robots in the production line. This involved automation and commissioning. The whole thing in just five months. I took over a new quality inspection system to check the MON FIVE BLUMENBECKER GESELLSCHAFTEN TYPE ALL-ROUND CAREFREE PACKAGE A complex project and an extremely ambitious schedule. So it paid off that the Blumenbecker Group has all the necessary skills in-house. A total of five Blumenbecker companies from Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia were involved, from the planning and switchgear construction to the creation of the operating software and robot and 250+ PLC programming to the disassembly and assembly of the robots. The project coordination was bundled in one hand, so that Bharat Forge CDP had only one contact person for all matters. An ›all-round carefree package‹ which, according to project manager Erich KURBELWELLEN Burghardt, convinced everyone involved. PER HOUR CDP PROJECT VIDEO 11
TOGETHER INTO THE DIGITAL FUTURE DIGITAL EXPERIENCE MADE BY BLUMENBECKER Improve processes, work more efficiently and safely, reduce the error rate, develop new products and services, offer customers added value: These are topics that concern companies in all sectors. COMMUNITY IN THE INTRANET "In order for us to be successful in 20 years' time, we need to absorb technological developments, understand them and adapt them for Blumenbecker," says Group Managing Director Dr. Wolfgang Fink the need to deal with new digital developments. In order to bring together the knowledge of the various corporate divisions with more than 30 locations in Germany and abroad, the Blumenbecker intranet has been a digitization community since 2016. Everyone who wants to help shape the digital progress of the corporate group can exchange ideas with like-minded colleagues and form interdisciplinary working groups. The “Digital Champions” inform each other about the current status of their projects at regular workshops. DIGITAL EXPERIENCE DAY: EXPERIENCE THE TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE CLOSE UP MORE DIGITAL In summer 2017, the ›Digital Champions‹ EXPERIENCES met for the first time for a Digital Experience Day. Here, the 50 participants were able to immerse themselves in the technologies of the future and experience digitization projects at first hand. Well-known partners had been won for this, including the Fraunhofer Institute, which was represented with two technical highlights, the aerial drones and the HoloLens package station. 13th
DIGITAL EXPERIENCES WITH A WOW EFFECT At the individual stations, the participants saw short demonstrations and took action themselves. Links to my own topics were quickly found. How does it feel when data glasses support the packaging of goods or give instructions for the repair of a machine? What kind of work can aerial drones do? What does artificial intelligence do? How can a strap-on exoskeleton make physical work easier? There was a lot of knowledge and inspiration on these and other future topics. "We want to involve as many employees as possible in the digitization process, constantly broaden their horizons and provide new impulses," describes Dr. Fink the chosen path into the digital future. Astrid Blumenbecker, majority shareholder of the Blumenbecker Group, emphasizes that cross-company and cross-border exchange is particularly important. “This is the only way we can avoid inventing the wheel twice. «14
»We want to involve as many employees as possible in the digitization process. «Dr. Wolfgang Fink, Blumenbecker Group Manager 15
PAPERLESS SOLUTIONS FROM ACCOUNTING THE 3D PRINTER In 2010, B + M Blumenbecker GmbH introduced the end caps with the Blumenbecker logo, paperless accounting. Since then, machine signs in individual design, the company records more than one mil handling objects for robotics training, lion documents per year digitally. This means that protective covers are required when repairing less storage space, less paper, fewer welding robots, cutting devices for toner and fewer printers. a cable duct saw: 3D printing is conquering digital instead of paper not only protects the environment, but also saves 60 to 80 percent of the cost. For this every employee is required to pay a fee. Employees do not have to ask themselves any documents, like 3D printing, laboriously searching for their own work, but have more secure workstations or work processes directly at their fingertips. can do more. 4 OF 20+ DIGITIZATION PROJECTS BUILDINGS- AT BLUMENBECKER SMART LEITTECHNIK DOLLY Since 2015, the new production hall Blumenbecker Technik GmbH in the Blumenbecker Automation- The digital future of baggage transport technology GmbH has been using the building control technology port. Equipped with a location system. Decisions like ›down heating, put an end to unnecessary searching. Take a look! ‹Or› Open the window! ‹It is not enough to enter the system to know where the employees are, but rather the head office of the individual dolly on the airfield. Control center of the building technology. In addition, there is also which dolly is loaded and which is empty it is automatic, dependent on outside light, can be called up at any time. In addition, lighting control. Sensors determine how much light comes into the hall from outside for each dolly, a profile is created so that the service and how high the artificial light component is then takes place when it is really necessary. must in order to get good lighting. 17th
IN 12 DAYS Overhaul in the Brökelmann + Co oil mill In Hafenstrasse in Hamm, things are going like clockwork. OIL EXTRACTION WITH MILLS AND EXTRACTION This is where Brökelmann + Co produces edible oil on a large scale. In 1226, shortly after the city was founded, the first oil mill was built in style: rapeseed, sunflower, diestel, frying and Hamm. In 1845 fried walnut oils that the owner-managed company rich Brökelmann and colleagues acquired the Hamm oil mill under the house brands Brölio and Noury ​​as well as ei- acquired. Today, more than 170 years later, the mills are sold by the trade. Feed, meal remains at the heart of edible oil production. Here and fatty acids complete the range. The flowers are pressed into the grains after cleaning and Walbeck Industrie-Service is your partner for maintenance zen in screw presses. On this way and maintenance of the technical systems. This is where Brökelmann wins two thirds of its oils. The edible oil specialist also uses what is known as extraction. A process in which the oil is extracted from the seeds with the help of hexane gas. HIGH-TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESS WITH 130 DRIVES "Today, the production of edible oil is a high-tech process," explains Frank Tüttmann from Blumenbecker Industrie-Service and adds: "At Brökelmann there are more than 130 motors, gears, Pumps and fans in action. In order to reliably process more than 1,500 tons of oilseed every day, it is important that every single part functions smoothly. «19
DEMANDING REVISION IN EX AREAS Every 18 months, Brökelmann largely shuts down its systems in order to carry out a comprehensive overhaul. This was also the case in autumn 2017 with Blumenbecker as a partner. As soon as the machines came to a standstill, quick and competent action was required in order to keep downtimes as low as possible. The ambitious target was: 14 days for 130 drives. A real challenge, especially since there are 110 drives in the extraction hall. An area in which the highly explosive gas hexane is used. In order to be able to maintain the explosion-protected machines, specially trained employees and special tools are required. Ironically, only seven maintenance days were planned for this sensitive area. But before the Blumenbecker specialists were allowed to get started, they had to make sure that the extraction hall was free of explosive hexane. »Blumenbecker carried out all the work on schedule and to our full satisfaction in the short period given. «Alexander Steinweg, Head of Mechanical Maintenance, BRÖKELMANN + Co - Oelmühle GmbH + Co ASSEMBLY MANAGEMENT ALWAYS ON SITE Finally the green light was given and the overhaul work began. The service technicians set to work at full speed. After all, the drives not only had to be serviced, but also recalibrated and given a test certificate. The assembly management was constantly on site, in a specially installed construction site container. In this way, Blumenbeck was able to react quickly to unforeseen situations and additional work. It paid off. Instead of 14 days, the Blumenbecker team only needed 12 days to overhaul the 130 drives. 20th
01 CONTACT 01 The assembly management was constantly on site during the revision in order to react flexibly to unforeseen situations. 02 To maintain machines in Ex areas, specially trained employees and special tools are required. Frank Tüttmann Sales Electrical Machines & Drive Technology Blumenbecker Industrie-Service GmbH T: +49 2521 8406-415 [email protected] 02 110 EX-PROTECTED DRIVES 21
WHATEVER QUESTIONS YOU HAVE - WE DELIVER ANSWERS. Are you planning a production relocation, factory or process automation? Do you want an existing or innovative robotic solution? Modernize the entire system? Do you need what you are planning to do right away - someone who checks, maintains and repairs your systems and monitors your reliable and specialist machinery? Knowledgeable partner who is always there for you if you need machine tools. With our different or operational facilities? Search areas we offer you diverse you a reliable partner for services from a single source. 22nd
MORE THAN 100,000 ITEMS FOR MASTERFUL CAKE PLEASURE The Kuchenmeister GmbH relies on the expertise of Blumenbecker for industrial supplies. Anyone who buys a ready-made cake in the supermarket or discounter almost always gets a Kuchenmeister on their plate. Kuchenmeister GmbH, with its headquarters in Soest, is the market leader in Germany for ready-made cake specialties and the world market leader for tree cakes and Christmas stollen. The large bakery employs more than 1,000 people at several locations and delivers delicious cakes to 80 countries around the world. Annual awards attest to the high quality of the products. KNOWING WHAT IT MATTERS The pronounced quality awareness is also what led the large bakery to Blumenbecker. Here the group of companies procures the whole range of industrial supplies: from tools and machines to welding, drive, industrial and machining technology to occupational safety.Jörg Tiekmann, branch manager and key account manager for Kuchenmeister, has been looking after the food manufacturer for almost 30 years. He knows: “Anyone who produces food on a large scale like Kuchenmeister needs partners who know what is important. «24
BLUMENBECKER DELIVERS SOLUTIONS, NOT ONLY PRODUCTS. Ralf Bott, Technical Design and Development Manager, Kuchenmeister GmbH 25
MORE THAN 100,000 ARTICLES SIMPLY WITH A CLICK PERSONAL CONTACT COUNTS Kuchenmeister can choose from the Blumenbecker Industrie Despite all the trade, the long-term customer relationship lives from more than 100,000 articles and benefits from personal contact. keeps these in any desired unit and number, and Tiekmann cultivates them intensively. As a response - without any minimum purchase. The wholesale bakery partner for all Kuchenmeister locations has rei orders most of the products digitally - through he an open ear for all questions. Especially if you have individual eProcurement solutions. These are precision solutions such as those in the Individual online shop, which is tailored precisely to the needs of the business technology, the two companies chenmeisters work closely together on its magazine - even in the planning phase. »Only in this way are connected to the administration. Authorized employees can create solutions that really add value to the customer with just a few clicks of the mouse, «Tiekmann is certain. out. In this way, a large part of the administrative effort involved in ordering is eliminated, which pays off particularly with C-parts. Jörg Tiekmann (left) talking to a customer 26
CONTACT Olaf Lingnau Managing Director Blumenbecker Industriebedarf GmbH T: +49 2521 8406-444 [email protected] More than 100,000 items - one logistical heart: the central warehouse and goods distribution center in Beckum 27
CENTRAL WAREHOUSE AND GOODS DISTRIBUTION CENTER Ordered today and shipped the same day. The Kuchenmeister large bakery appreciates this service. Efficient logistics make this possible. Blumenbecker cooperates with Europe's largest purchasing association E / D / E, maintains its own warehouses in its branches and has a powerful 3,500 m central warehouse and goods distribution center in Beckum. From here, more than 750 2 parcels make their way to the customer every day. Depending on the product type, package size and delivery address, the storage areas are delivered with our own vehicle fleet, by forwarding agent or parcel service. There is an in-house UPS bridge for 24-hour deliveries. In emergencies, Blumenbecker can deliver SOS orders by courier within two hours. For Olaf Lingnau, Managing Director of Blumenbecker Industriebedarfs, this comprehensive service is a matter of course: “Our aim is not just to meet customer expectations, but to exceed them. «Shelves 1,500 spaces for heavy products 28
FLUMENBECKER IN POLAND THREE COMPANIES - A SUCCESS STORY FLUMENBECKER POLSKA SP. Z O.O The Blumenbecker Group is represented in Poland with three operating companies and a branch in Katowice. What began around 13 years ago with twelve employees since 2004 in a warehouse has developed into a success story. The companies from the automation technology, BLUMENBECKER engineering and industrial trade divisions now employ ENGINEERING POLSKA SP. Z O.O almost 300 employees. Blumenbecker has chosen one of the most dynamic regions of Katowice and Krakow in Poland as its location: Katowice, which has also been known as Silicon Valley in Poland since 2006. BLUMENBECKER POLSKA BLUMENBECKER The beginning of Blumenbecker's involvement in Poland HANDEL I SERWIS SP. Z O.O made switchgear construction in 2004. Initially, Katowice and Opole wanted to supply Blumenbecker customers in Eastern Europe and to cover the latest in Beckum automation technology. In the meantime, Blumenbecker Polska has a state-of-the-art production facility, where HOLDING ZWEIGNIEDERLASSUNG manufacture switchgears for customers all over the world according to the highest quality requirements. Katowice since 2015 9 30
Employee development at Blumenbecker in Poland 12 111 283 employees Employees Employees in 2004 in 2010 in 2017 BLUMENBECKER HANDEL I SERWIS BLUMENBECKER ENGINEERING POLSKA It began in 2008 with the wish of the German company, Blumenbecker Engineering Polska emerged from a company Kuchenmeister in 2006 through its Polish acquisition. The company pro- location in Chrzanów with industrial supplies from flower-produced engineering solutions for well-known customers becker. The customer base has grown significantly all over the world such as VW, FIAT, IKEA and Bosch-Siemens. Household appliances have also been added. A branch in Opole for the development of Industry 4.0, which sells accessories for energy applications in cooperation with Siemens and KUKA verteiler. the company was awarded the MTP gold medal in 2017. In addition to the headquarters in Katowice, there is an office in Krakow. The development and test center in Katowice 31
KATOWICE A CITY FOR A SECOND LOOK © Wojciech Radwański Katowice will never win a beauty award. Compared to neighboring Krakow, the city is a newcomer. There are neither 700 year old buildings nor romantic marketplaces. And yet Katowice is worth a trip. Because what looks unattractive at first glance turns out to be a place with many hidden charms on closer inspection. Katowice is a young city. It was only founded in the 19th century and received city status in 1865. Coal and steel industries contributed to the rapid growth. Today it is the largest city in Silesia with around 300,000 inhabitants. The past few years have awakened the former working class city from its post-industrial slumber. Today Katowice is considered to be one of the most innovative, culturally dynamic and economically liveliest regions in Poland. THE ›KATOWICE MODERN‹ Katowice has shaped a building style: ›Katowice Modern‹. If you walk through the streets with your eyes open, you will discover this unadorned and unadorned style in many places. Polish architects were often inspired by innovations from the West. One example of this is the “Skyscraper” by Tadeusz Kozlowski, built in 1934, a 14-storey steel frame building. At that time the tallest building in Poland and one of the tallest in Europe. There are also a number of beautiful Art Nouveau buildings. 32
INSIDERT TIPS NIKISZOWIEC MINERS 'Settlement The Nikiszowiec miners' settlement is definitely worth a visit. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century as a residential area for the employees of the Giesche colliery. Nine large blocks of flats made of red bricks are grouped around inner courtyards. Numerous gate entrances reveal the view and the way there. Not far away is the former coal mine of the Wilson mine. The massive building now houses an extraordinary gallery for contemporary art. CULTURE IN MANY FACETS Art and culture play a major role in Katowice. The city is home to several orchestras, has a music academy and has an active jazz scene, which can be found in the city's many clubs. The culinary offer ranges from traditional Silesian to exotic cuisine. There is also no shortage of cafes. Whether it's a nostalgic pastry shop, contemporary espresso bar or hip café, there is something for every taste. DISCOVERING KATOWICE Anyone wanting to discover Katowice can get there quickly by plane. Accommodation in the city center is inexpensive. The communication works well in English and partly also in German. Detailed information is available at www.inyourpocket.com. A handy travel guide with all the important information can also be downloaded here. Worth seeing: the Nikiszowiec miners' settlement Worth hearing: in the southeast of Katowice - © Wojciech Radwański Katowice has a lively jazz scene 33
9 frame types 50 meters production line 360 ​​frames per hour 35
IKEA is the world's largest manufacturer of wooden furniture and is known for attaching importance to maximum efficiency in the production of its furniture. Most IKEA furniture consists of standardized modules. The Scandinavian furniture giant is increasingly relying on so-called sandwich elements from which tables, cupboards, beds, chests of drawers and shelves such as the popular KALLAX are constructed. The sandwich elements consist of frames that are filled with lightweight materials such as honeycomb paper. The sandwich process gives the furniture a stable structure, reduces weight and reduces the consumption of raw materials. AUTOMATIC GLUING AND JOINING OF FRAMES For the production of sandwich frames, Blumenbeck Engineering Polska implemented a 50 meter long production line for the IKEA plant in Lubawa, Poland. “A very complex system in which we CONTACT PERSON has combined the gluing and joining processing modules for the first time,” explains Rafał Wójcik, Technical Director Deputy General Industry Division at Blumenbeck, “nothing like this has ever existed before! “It took a year to develop, build, automate and install the system, on which Blumenbecker Engineering worked closely with technology partner Armech. All components were specially designed and manufactured by Blumenbecker for IKEA Industry, the production branch of IKEA. NINE DIFFERENT FRAME TYPES Nine frame types can be manufactured on the production line: Frames in different sizes and thicknesses, optionally with or without a center bar. Via Rafał Wójcik an operator terminal can be switched quickly and easily from one Technical Director Deputy frame construction type to the other General Industry Division. A frame from Blumenbecker Engineering leaves the production line every ten seconds. A robot Polska Sp.z o.o. With a gripper specially built by Blumenbecker, T: +48 32 278 70 80-300 arm the finished frames on pallets. [email protected] 36
01 IDEAS AND RELIABILITY, The two project managers Rafał Rzepa THAT CONVINCE (left) and Bogusław Grzybek at the IKEA Industry and Blumenbecker installation of the system have been working together for ten years. For Mariusz Biniek, 02 technical director of the IKEA plant in Zbąszynek, there are good reasons. From the control center, you have all the reasons. »In order to always be one step ahead of the competition, we at IKEA Industry are constantly looking for new technological solutions. Blumenbecker Engineering 10 Polska always convinces us with good ideas. “They also appreciate the reliability:“ For complex projects with a tight time frame, we need partners that we can absolutely rely on, ”emphasizes Bienik. The production line realized by Blumenbecker in Zbąszynek has been in operation since autumn 2017, and the IKEA Lubawa plant has already placed the next order for the frame production process. COOPERATION 01 02 38
»Blumenbecker always convinces us with good ideas.« Mariusz Biniek, Technical Director of the IKEA plant in Zbąszynek VIDEO WITH FURTHER PROJECTS 39
SMART DOLLY IS CALLING Intelligent positioning system for airport ground equipment 41
SMART DOLLY INTELLIGENT & REMOVABLE Individual service intervals Transmission of the load status A normal day on a large German flight - want to change together. Blumenbecker develops port: airport tugs whiz across and for over 30 years has been building airport ground equipment with one or more trailers, and also takes care of their maintenance and repairs, so-called dollies, in tow. The dollies attitude. Now the specialist for dollies is developing, transporting luggage and freight or distributing passenger stairs and the like along with the consumables. However, a number of the transport trailer team led by Hon.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Richter from standing abandoned on the airfield and in the neighboring Fraunhofer IFF an intelligent location system for zenden halls around. “At a large airport, airport ground equipment. Hundreds or even thousands of dollies can be put down in a disorderly manner, «says Ralf GEZIELTE INFORMATIONSVERMITTLUNG Herzog, Managing Director of Blumenbecker Technik The heart of the development are radio sensors, the GmbH. The result: a lot of search work for the tug - to be attached to the dollies. These GSE tracker drivers, especially when it comes to fully conveying the exact position and finding the right transport trailer in real time. A situation status information of the dollies to a central on, the Blumenbecker and the Fraunhofer Institute for control center. This is where the information from all IFF factory operations and automation in Magdeburg transport trailers come together. The system knows ex- 42
LOCATION VIDEO Location function simple & quick repairs CONTACT PERSON to find out where each individual dolly is, whether it is parked or coupled and whether it is loaded with freight or empty. The system forwards this information to the tractor drivers on the airfield, who can then specifically control the desired dolly. MARKET READY IN AUTUMN 2018 A pilot project has been running at Leipzig Airport since February, in which the intelligent positioning system is subjected to a thorough practical test. For this purpose, 30 airport ground devices were equipped with a Ralf Herzog radio transmitter and a corresponding radio technology manager installed. The product is planned to be ready for the market in autumn 2018 at Blumenbecker Technik GmbH. T: +49 34636 714-60 [email protected] 43
3 questions for ... Hon.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Richter Alternative location systems have their problems with buildings. How is that with the Smart Dolly? “It is true that GPS-based positioning systems do not work reliably near large buildings. Often the radio connection even breaks off completely.That is why the Smart Dolly uses a local positioning technology that determines the position by measuring the field strength. In this way we can reliably record every location, even if the dolly is next to or even in a closed building. In addition, there is the energy-saving LoRa wireless technology from the Internet of Things, which has a long range and guarantees data transfer to the control center permanently and in real time. «44
Specifically, please: What benefits does the Smart Dolly offer airport operators and service providers? »The intelligent location system allows logistical processes at the airport to run much more structured than before. This is immensely important in times of increasing air traffic. Anyone who cannot build new runways or terminals must use the existing infrastructure as efficiently as possible. Smart dollies help. Maintenance also benefits from the smart factor of the transport trailer. Operating profiles can be created on the basis of the transmitted data. These determine the individual load and calculate the next Hon.-Prof. For each dolly. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Richter maintenance appointment. Such precise maintenance - head of the field of competence for material flow technology and systems at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation ensures permanent safety and functionality and automation IFF, head of the department for operating equipment and saves resources. «Material flow technology at the University of Magdeburg Can the intelligent location technology be transferred to other industries? " In any case. We are currently supporting a company in the development of intelligent plastic pallets. The so-called tagging of reusable pallets enables seamless goods tracking, free from production and storage to the customer. The empties management can also be optimized through the location technology. Stable plastic pallets are finding their way into open pallet pools. «Maintenance required 45
The current SOLUTIONS is also available digitally - with additional information, links and videos. 46
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