What is the best handmade leather wallet

Women & men wallets made of the finest leather

Some questions to ask yourself

Of course, there are some questions you need to ask yourself in advance. For example, you need to know exactly what properties your future money bearer should have. Should it have a coin compartment or not? Do you need multiple card slots? If so, should they be horizontal or vertical Opening possibility be?

The leather wallet is the perfect choice, especially for people who want to carry something thinner and more comfortable. This leather wallet with plenty of space for credit cards and banknotes is an elegant accessory for both women and men.

Honesty is important to us

The Expression of our personality, the mirror of our lifestyle, the guardian of personal values ​​and a loyal companion - from the first design as a simple wallet on, the wallet has noticeably developed in terms of functionality. In order to meet a universal requirement, the material and workmanship should be undisputed.

And this is where honesty lasts the longest. In the end, the stock market should host your financial and personal assets for as long and as safely as possible. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a nifty wallet or a simple wallet. If the wallet is to be a long-term companion, it must meet certain criteria in terms of material and manufacturing process, craftsmanship and functionality.

This is proof of the durability and versatility of the carefully selected materials for our leather wallets. Made of durableBuffalo leather with solid workmanship, well thought out and according to theFair trade Agreement made fairly.

Which leather do we use?

Of course, we only want to entrust the contents of our wallet to reliable material. Buffalo leather is perfect here. It is genuine leather: the individual scars openly tell of their origin. Buffalo leather is inherent in nature flexible and at the same time strong, extremely strong and durable. Try to tear buffalo leather: it is unlikely to succeed. The inner fibers of buffalo leather are closely connected and give the material extremely high strength.

How does the quality fare in everyday life?

Wallets are only as good as they prove in everyday use, so they should be able to withstand many. Which material would be better suited for this product than real leather? The material substance constantly gives in to the influence of the environment and proves every day that it is an authentically beautiful material.

By the way, this natural product also looks beautiful and noble. The natural charm of our wallets is based on buffed leather, which makes your wallet really attractive becomes! With a wallet like this, both saving and spending money are twice as fun!

Quality you can smell

The buffalo leather is incredibly versatile. Because not only the raw material, but also the grinding process determine the quality of the leather. How hard or supple, firm or soft the buffalo leather turns out to be, is determined by those specifically usedGrinding process. In order to create a wallet in our range, the buffalo leather must meet our requirements.

Environmentally friendly and polished buffalo leather is our preferred material. This comes mainly from Moroccan factories, in which traditional, lengthy work processes have to be adhered to. For example: After production, the buffalo leather should be "saturated" and waxed. This is traditionally done using natural wax. You can100% real leather You can literally smell the quality of our wallets.

Different shapes for different tastes

The wallet is perfect for storing the most important things. There is enough space there to insert a new ID card, credit card, bills and some coins. However, normal wallets are getting smaller and more practical. A distinction is made between landscape and portrait format. But that is a matter of taste. Most ladies prefer larger wallets.

It is different with men, because they usually only need smaller wallets which fit in their trouser pockets without any problems. Ordinary purses hold an old German identity card and a car license of the same size. Depending on the model, there are several and / or thicker ones Credit card slots. There are big differences in the leather. Probably the highest quality leather is a buffalo suede. It is carefully processed, delicate, soft and durable. Buffalo leather is also very pleasant to the touch. A buffalo leather wallet is handcrafted using various processes. There are models with a soft design and wallet models made of durable buffalo leather. Pay attention to the descriptions of the notes of our articles - there we try to explain the advantages of different versions.

Why the right wallet is important

The basic equipment of most men's wallets includes one or two large compartments for notes and one compartment for coins. Depending on the model and size, there are also different wallet compartments for notes, photos or the like as well as partially transparent storage locations for ID cards and some inner compartments for numerous cards.

Some exchanges also come up with clever features in which they can find a niche for a shopping cart chip or memory card. So, before you buy, make a rough estimate of how many symbols, cards, photos, etc., you want to put in your wallet. Whether you choose a wallet in a practical portrait format or in a clear landscape format depends entirely on your needs.

Material & design

In addition, there are unbelievable possibilities in terms of material and design: purses made of thin buffalo leather are absolutely practical and real eye-catchers - the series models made of leather do a lot here. If you are looking for a long-term investment, we recommend a puristically beautiful wallet made of fine leather in muted colors.

In terms of shape and design, the palette ranges from very simple to lively models in portrait or landscape format to complex models that additionally protect the contents with a leather or button flap. While a wallet with a distinctive security chain underlines its spacious appearance, a classic wallet with an elegant clip fastener exudes feminine retro charm. As you can see, the right wallet is waiting for you.

It depends on the inner values

But even more important than looking good is the inside of the wallet. With all the bonus cards, documents and small things that we have with us, it is important that the card organizers, compartments and coin compartments ensure order, because order is half the battle. Our wallets are carefully thought out so that you have plenty of space for everything! Long and elegant or small and compact - you will find many different designs for your wallet in the online shop.

There is something for everyone

Prefer your wallet in the shape of a handbag: should it be large and noticeable? No problem! Or rather small and compact, but still practical with lots of little things? No problem! Browse through our range - Everyone can find the right wallet for their taste in the online shop! Whether women or men, everyone will discover something for themselves here!

With a wallet, it makes sense to buy a quality product made from high quality material. Because the wallet should not only last for several months, but also be able to be used for more than ten years. In this category we would like to introduce you to a large selection of men's leather wallets in excellent quality.

Safe storage with a timeless design

Keep your money safe and stylish! - With our leather wallets. Wallets were used to store and carry coins, gold, and precious stones more than 2,000 years ago. Wrapped in a piece of leather with holes and a cord on the edge, the wallet was fastened to the belt.

We no longer work with cords, but we still work with high-quality treated leather! And your new wallet is not just about gemstones! It also offers you plenty of storage space for banknotes and ID cards. You can place anything from debit cards to loyalty cards. Of course there is also an additional pocket for smaller requirements and a zipper to prevent it from falling out uncontrollably. So you always have everything together and can find it quickly.

Vintage style

Our leather wallets are not only very practical, but also stylish! A special one Vintage style makes retro hearts beat faster, and those who like it timeless and elegant are guaranteed to find what they are looking for with us. We have the right wallet for you for every taste and every purpose!

Exclusive leather

You can choose from different purses in this type of leather. Buffalo and cowhide are particularly resistant and impress with their softness and flexibility. Now all you have to do is decide which of these wallets suits you best! Leather purses are exclusive items.

Unique quality

And best of all: every wallet is unique! Our wallets are handcrafted in selected Moroccan factories using traditional manufacturing methods. This process leads to a flawless appearance of our products and ensures long-lasting product quality. Wallets are waxed with plant-based wax.

Our wallets are particularly robust because the leather is chemically treated and sanded in certified companies. So your wallet has an additional strength that is not only practical, but also has an exclusive and elegant design.

The ideal companion

Wallets should always be full. In order for the daily gentleman to appreciate the printing of coins, banknotes and cards of all kinds, the wallet must be properly handled. In our online shop you will find a generous selection of high-quality wallets made of real leather of the best quality and all kinds of well-known shapes.

We offer you wallets that accompany you every day and that you will enjoy for a long time. Keep everything you need in your everyday wallet. This means that you always have your driver's license, your ID card, your debit, credit, insurance and business cards as well as cash at hand.

Convince yourself of the variety and breadth of our range in our shop, as we can offer the products at fair prices. Ultimately, after buying a new wallet, you should still be liquidity available to enjoy the recently purchased wallet galore.

The key to a long service life?

The key to a long service life is high-quality reconditioning of the best materials. We only offer flawless leather wallets, the processing of which we check to the best of our knowledge and belief before they are added to our range. A nice wallet is a small investment in a companion that will last as long as possible and withstand tough daily use.

Only genuine leather and the conscientious manufacture of wallets guarantee that the wallet exactly meets these requirements. Should there be an error for any reason, our services are also happy to offer reverse processing in individual cases.

For real gentlemen

A good man's wallet hides in the back pocket of an aircraft captain, likes to find a place in a briefcase and accompanies its owner in a travel bag for more distant events. This is a handy option for storing coins, bills, credit cards, and smart cards.

In addition, you win with our leather wallets for men both visually and in terms of design. For a classic business look, choose a rectangular model with intelligent functions and a reliable push button. Those who like it more modern can fall back on models in landscape format, whose polished buffalo leather stands out.

The wallet format

The rounded wallet format can also prove to you how elegant a gentleman is. In addition, the transparent pocket offers space for tickets and IDs. Each of our leather wallets has many useful functions for men. Indeed, it is important for our designers not to spend too much time organizing. Special compartments for banknotes and cards as well as reliable locks for coin compartments are examples of complex components.

However, since the days of pure cash passed and the term "money" includes various cash cards, credit cards, discount cards, and so on, wallets have been utterly extremediverse. Some had a real wallet when they were children: a simple wallet in the shape of a pocket with two compartments and a metal clasp.

The right wallet for everyone

Our online shop offers a wide range of high quality purses and wallets. Many purses are simple, timeless and elegant. They are used by both women and men. But there are also special purses. They have a standard shape, as men do not like to carry a handbag in the back pocket of their trousers.

The purses are foldable, the size when closing is often approx. 12.5 x 10 cm. This wallet has one or two compartments for bills, and there is usually a pocket for coins as well. In addition, men's wallets contain pockets for credit cards and other documents.

But women can also find special purses. Women purses are a little more elegant, more diverse in shape and color, and show a feminine style.

Multifunctional wallet

Modern purses are no longer just wallets as the owner can access all the necessary items at the same time. Because wallets now have ID slots, credit card slots, coin slots and banknote slots. On some models, you can put several credit cards together in the slots, so you can easily place a lot of cards.

Other storage options for items that some purses have: a money clip, a secret compartment or a compartment for a chip for a trolley. For the security of the purse, fastening chains or loops are provided for the belt. Especially men who have a lot of money in their pockets should use a wallet with a clasp.